The Ultimate Guide to Collecting Rare Silver Coins

rare silver coins

Collecting coins is an enjoyable and lucrative pastime. There is a wide variety of rare silver coins that can be very valuable.

The 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar was sold for more than $10 million in a 2013 auction. Yes, you read that correctly!  

The good news is there are plenty of rare coins that are more affordable. Continue to read to learn more about the most desirable silver coins and how to grow your collection. 

1916-D Mercury Dime

The Mercury Dime is a U.S. Mint-produced coin developed by the famed coin designer Alfred Weinman. 264,000 units were produced of the 1916 variation.

This coin is quite popular among collectors. Due to this reason, they are rarely available for purchase. A 1916 Mercury Dime in poor condition can be valued at $1,000. 

1881 Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS-65

There are only 296,000 1881 Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS-65s to exist. This is one of the reasons why this silver coin is desirable. Additionally, it can be difficult to find one in mint condition. The coin is worth approximately $1,300 but can go for more. 

1552-1555 Carlos & Joanna Four Reale NGC

The Carlos & Joanna Four Reale NGC is one of the oldest coins on our list. This coin was created by the Mexico City mint and was used as currency in North and South America. 

The coin was produced over two hundred years before the founding of the United States. As historic as these coins are, you can acquire them for under $1,500. 

1885 Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS/NGC MS-65

The 1885 Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS/NGC MS-65 is another rare Carson City collectible. There were only 228,000 coins made. You can purchase the 1885 variation for under $1,700. 

1839 Gobrecht Silver Dollar Jud-88 Restrike

The 1839 Gobrecht Silver Dollar Jud-88 Restrike is one of the most expensive coins on our list. This is for a good reason. Only two of these coins are for sale in the market. 

What makes the 1839 Gobrecht unique is that it features stars both on the back and the front. The coin was sold for just under $200,000 in an auction. 

How To Acquire Rare Silver Coins 

Popular approaches to acquiring coins include contacting a dealer or attending an auction. Dealers sell rare coins both online and at an in-person shop. When finding a dealer, ensure that the dealer is authorized. Reviewing reviews about the dealer is encouraged. 

It is recommended to be well informed about the coins you are interested in and research until you find the most attractive offer.

Most coins are sold within the same price range, but some dealers may offer a slight discount. Be mindful of large discounts. The coins may not be authentic. 

Purchase Rare Silver Coins Today 

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