The Best Tips on How to Clean Silver Dollars and Other Coins

how to clean silver dollars

Silver is a precious metal that’s been around for thousands of years. It’s popular with investors because, like gold, it acts as a hedge. This means if every other asset in your portfolio declines in value, your silver coins will still be able to keep you afloat. 

However, you will need to keep your silver in good condition by cleaning coins that have become tarnished. Do you not know how to clean silver dollars? 

There are a few different methods that are safe for silver bullion and coins. Continue reading to learn more. 

Baking Soda

The most effective tool for cleaning silver is baking soda. It’s also a cheap item that most people have sitting in their kitchen cabinets. Grab a container and line the bottom with aluminum foil. 

Sprinkle a layer of baking soda into the container. When you’re done, you should barely be able to see the aluminum foil lining. Place your coins on top of the baking soda, tarnished side up. 

Cover the coins with additional baking soda and fill the container with warm water. Allow the coins to sit for about five minutes before taking them out and scrubbing them.

Be sure to go easy when scrubbing. If you’re too abrasive, you’ll scratch your coins. When you’re done, rinse your coins in cool water to wash away the baking soda. 

Lemon Juice

There isn’t much that lemon juice can’t clean. It’s effective on all types of silver and will leave your investment with a fresh scent when you’re done cleaning. 

Once you lay your coins in the lemon juice bath, it will begin to eat away at the tarnish. Let your coins sit in the bath for a few moments before taking them out and rinsing them off in tepid water.

Repeat this process until your coins are shining. You can add salt or baking soda to the wash for maximum cleaning efficiency. 

Silver Dip

There is controversy when it comes to using silver dips. On the one hand, some people like them because they can be less abrasive than the other cleaning options on this list. 

On the other hand, silver dips come in a variety of strengths. Using an abrasive product too often could damage your investment.

The best way to avoid disaster is to read the manufacturer’s usage instructions and follow them to the letter. 

White Vinegar 

White vinegar acts as a natural cleaner thanks to its acidic nature and ability to cover up bad odors. It works in the kitchen, and it can work for cleaning your tarnished coins. 

Like with the lemon juice, make a vinegar bath to place your silver in. You can add baking soda to the vinegar for an extra cleaning boost if you want.  Let your coins soak in the bath for a few minutes before taking them out and rinsing them off.   

How to Clean Silver Dollars and Keep Tarnish Away

Learning how to clean silver dollars isn’t complicated. In most cases, simple household items such as vinegar and baking soda will do the trick. 

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