Current Silver Specials

  • 100-oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bar

    100-oz. silver bar by JM - .999 fine - secondary market, poured/cast style

    Only 100 oz. (1 bar) minimum for free shipping

    Spot + $2.40/oz.

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  • 1-oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf - Backdate

    1-oz. Canadian Silver Maple Leaf - Secondary market, prior, random year coins in tubes.

    Very limited quantity available - shipping included - 100 coin minimum or combined with other items

    Spot + $4.95/oz.

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  • 10-oz Eagle Design Silver Bar - Tarnish or No Packaging

    10-oz. Silver bars from private refiner with eagle design - .9999 fine - secondary market bars with slight tarnish or out of manufacturer plastic

    Limited quantity available - 100 oz. minimum - shipping included - poured/cast bar

    Spot + $2.45/oz.

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  • 100-oz IGR Silver Bar .999 fine

    100-oz. cast silver bar from Istanbul Gold Refinery, established in 1996 with the aid of the government of Turkey, IGR is LBMA certified. These serial numbered bars arrive with assay cards sealed in its packaging on the back of the bar.

    Very limited quantity available - shipping included - stock photo

    Spot + $2.25/oz.

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  • 1-kilo Silver Bar .999 (32.15-oz)

    Kilo (32.15-oz.) silver bars from various private refiners - .999 fine - preowned, various cast style bars - secondary market

    Package offer of 3 bars - 96.45 troy oz. - shipping included - photo depicts bars offered

    Spot + $2.30/oz.

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