Silver Coins for Sale Online in Bloomington 

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CMI Gold & Silver Inc. is the dealer of silver coins for sale in the Bloomington, IN area to rely on. Our company provides its clients with the top-most quality silver coins for sale. Our silver coins for sale come from some of the most reputable refineries.

The silver coins for sale we have to offer to our customers come with famous hallmarks, which testify to their excellent quality. Contact us for coins, such as:

  • 90% Roosevelt Silver Dimes
  • Australian Silver Kangaroos
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leafs
  • 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars

Do not waste your valuable time and effort searching for other dealers offering silver coins for sale in the Bloomington region. Plan a visit to our shop as soon as you have decided to buy silver coins.

Why Should Bloomington Investors Buy Silver Coins?

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Make our shop your preferred place to buy silver coins in the Bloomington area. When you come to our store to buy silver coins, you get the safety of being served by one of the most reliable bullion dealers. Additionally, our company offers its customers the best deals on gold and silver.

Why go to other dealers to buy silver coins in the Bloomington region when someone as dependable as us is at your service? Our notable features include:

  • Known for secure online services   
  • Silver coin prices among the lowest
  • US Mint listing as a reliable dealer
  • Serving the community since 1973

Our company can cater to the diverse needs of people who wish to buy silver coins. We have you covered whether you want precious metals in bullion or ornamental form. Call us to learn more about the precious metals we have in stock.

When You Are Ready to Invest in Silver Coins – Call CMI

Silver Coins-Bloomington-IN

At our store, you can find coins from the top government mints. Moreover, our company understands that every customer can have a different demand when purchasing silver coins for sale in the Bloomington region. We have in our shop coins of various weights.

When you come to us to buy silver coins, you can expect to get all types and sizes of products under one roof! Head straight to our store without having any doubts in your mind. We offer coins like:

  • American Silver Eagles
  • Perth Mint Silver Kangaroos
  • Canadian silver coins
  • Austrian Silver Philharmonics

For buying silver coins in the Bloomington area, plan a visit to CMI Gold & Silver Inc. You can also give us a call at (800) 528-1380.