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Silver bars, especially 100-oz silver bars, are very popular with silver investors for two reasons. One, they carry the lowest premiums over spot of all the popular silver investments. Two, they are easy to handle and store.

The Royal Canadian Mint bars are among the most popular because they are uniform in size, which makes them easy to stack. Further, RCM 100s are serially numbered and are .9999 fine, whereas other 100-oz silver bars are .999 fine. In reality though, there is little difference in between .9999 silver bars and .999 silver bars.

Ten-ounce silver bars are popular also, but not nearly as popular as 100-oz silver bars. All silver bullion products are easy to sell when it comes time to liquidate.

1-oz silver bars are not nearly as popular as 100-oz and 10-oz silver bars because most silver investors prefer 1-oz silver rounds to 1-oz silver bars.

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