How To Sell Gold and Bullion To Us
We buy Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.
We make it safe to sell to us.

Selling your precious metals for a guaranteed price is easy – and totally secured by using USPS Registered Insured Mail!

If you have five ounces or more of gold, platinum, or palladium, or 300 ounces or more of silver that you are thinking of selling, we are always in the market to buy. Call us at 800-800-4485 to confirm your trade on a day that you can register and ship your package(s) at your local Post Office.

When you call, we will verify our purchase prices based on up-to-the-minute spot markets. We will confirm with you the quantities of what you are selling, and ‘lock in’ your guaranteed sales price with a confirmed trade number. We will follow up immediately by sending you a confirmation email, listing the details of your trade. We guarantee those prices, and your obligation is to ship your material that same day via Registered insured mail. You can also confirm a trade on a Friday, and ship that Saturday.

Payment is made within 24 hours of receipt of your package, usually on the same day that it is received.

Payment is via our company check drawn on Wells Fargo, or electronic funds transfer (bank wire) directly to your account.

How safe is Registered Insured Mail?

Many people are not aware that their local post office provides a safe method to ship high-value parcels – USPS Registered Insured Mail. . Registered mail is secure because it is what is called accountable mail. Registered mail packages are always the personal responsibility of a USPS employee, with signatures required at every step.

This strict accountability system makes shipment by Registered Mail as secure as via any bonded armored courier company in the US – and it’s backed by the USPS with an ironclad guarantee of signed receipt delivery.

You only need to purchase insurance for the minimum declared value of $1,000.00. In doing so, CMI’s/Only Gold’s insurance will cover the remaining value of the package up to $150,000.00. This helps to keep shipping costs down, but it also does not alert Post Office employees to the true value of the contents of the package. We can provide evidence of insurance documentation upon request.

A Registered Mail package containing five ounces of gold can be sent anywhere in the US for less than $40. Larger shipments will cost more.

Also, if you are selling material that is worth more than $250,000, call us to discuss alternate methods of insured shipping. On larger transactions, we can arrange armored car pickup at your bank or place of business.

Here are a few tips to make your Registered Mail shipping go smoothly:

If you have coins in plastic tubes, pack each tube so that it doesn’t rattle, and tape the top securely shut. Put your material in a sturdy box, preferably a corrugated-wall cardboard box. 
Once the material is in the shipping box, pack the box tightly with wrapping material such as wadded paper, bubble wrap, or ‘packing peanuts.’

Ideally, you have the box packed tightly so that the load can’t shift inside the box. Remember to pack securely, because while in transit, your package may be turned upside down, have heavy parcels put on top of it, or even be dropped off a loading dock.

To make your package tamper-proof, the Post Office will apply ink cancellation marks to various areas of your package. Therefore, the outside of your box, including all seams, must be entirely of a porous paper or cardboard surface. If any part of the outside of your package has a slick or glossy surface, the Post Office may not accept it.

To comply, we recommend using a paper packing tape to cover any slick surfaces, or even the whole box. We use a 2-inch wide manila reinforced paper tape that requires moistening to adhere. It is available at most office supply stores and wrap-and-ship locations.

At the Post Office, send your package via Registered Insured Mail, insured for its true value. Each package can be insured for up to $25,000, and you will receive a serial numbered receipt stating the declared value of each parcel.

Do not use “Certified” mail. Your valuables need the protection and accountability of Registered Mail. Registered Mail is also a Priority service, and delivery is usually in two to five business days.

When you return from the Post Office, call or email us with the Registration number(s). We will contact you when the packages arrive here, and payment will be sent within 24 hours of receipt.

As For the Safety Record of Registered Mail

Our business has long depended on the reliability and security of Registered Mail. Since 1986, we have shipped and received over $750 million worth of US Registered Insured Mail without a single package being lost or tampered with.

And in the highly unlikely event of a problem, the USPS stands to pay any claim of loss within the declared insured limits of any Registered package.

Please take the time to look over this website. When you are ready to confirm a transaction, or if you have any questions, just give us a call. You’ll find that our people are friendly and easy to work with.

Selling to us is easy, and payment to you is prompt, confidential, and exactly as promised. That’s how Onlygold has done business for sixteen years. That’s how CMI Gold & Silver Inc. has done business for forty years.

CMIGS-Onlygold 3800 N. Central Avenue, 11th Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85012

We buy more than only gold…

In addition to gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in coin and bullion form, we also purchase a wide range of numismatic coins and currency for our retail business. Feel free to call us for quotes or price indications on anything in coins, bullion, and paper money.

Onlygold did business at the same location for more than sixteen years. CMI Gold & Silver Inc. has done business from three locations in Phoenix since 1973.

Both firms are Accredited Businesses with the Better Business Bureau, and neither firm has had a complaint filed with the BBB—ever!

In addition to having really strong bids on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in coin and bullion form, we also purchase a wide range of numismatic coins. We have especially strong bids for old US gold coins. is owned & published by CMI Gold & Silver Inc. Copyright – CMI Gold & Silver Inc. All rights reserved.

All checks, shipments, and correspondence should be sent to:

CMIGS 3800 N. Central Avenue, 11th Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85012

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