How To Buy Gold and Bullion From Us

Trading Hours:
7AM until 3PM MST Mon-Tues-Wed-Thur.
7AM until 1PM on Fridays.
You don’t have to open an account or deal
with a commission broker or salesperson.

When you are ready to buy

Simply call us to confirm your purchase (our minimum order is 10 ounces). Gold is a commodity with an ever-changing market price, but you can ‘lock in’ your transaction over the phone based on gold’s current market price.

Your obligation is simply to make immediate payment via a US-based financial institution that same day. You can either mail us your personal check, or complete an electronic funds transfer (bankwire) within 24 hours.

It’s that simple, and we have done business for many years through honest verbal contracts over the telephone. When you make a deal with us, we will issue an order confirmation number that ‘locks in’ the transaction, and we will deliver the bullion at the agreed-upon prices and terms. Your obligation is to mail your check in an envelope that gets postmarked within 24 hours of placing your order, or ensure that we receive your electronic payment via bankwire within 24 hours.

If your first order with us is $100,000 or more, then we will need to receive payment via an electronic funds transfer (bankwire) on the same day the order is placed. Please check with your bank, as each bank has its own deadline for electronic funds transfers, some quite early in the day.

At that point, we are ‘locked in’ to the transaction, and we will deliver the bullion at the agreed-upon prices and terms.

Upon receipt of your check or bankwire, we will notify you by phone or email.If you are paying via bankwire, we will ship to you within three business days of receipt of funds.

About our pricing

When you call to buy or sell with us, we input the latest gold spot price into the database behind our website, and all of our bullion buy and sell prices are instantly refreshed.

All the bullion gold prices that you see on this site are legitimate offers to buy and sell gold bullion in its various forms. And when you do business with us, the most current gold ‘spot’ is always our pricing basis.

What offers you

We are here to handle your precious metals transactions efficiently and courteously. When you call us, you will not be hooked up with a sales person who will try to steer you into an inappropriate transaction in order to earn a fat ‘numismatic’ commission. With our firm, you have the full attention of a professional in the gold bullion market to serve you.

Our minimum order is ten ounces of gold, platinum, or palladium.

Our Minimum Silver order: 100 ounces
Prices are per ounce or per Silver item.
Free S&H on orders of 500 ounces or more for Silver.
$30 S&H for orders less than 500 ounces for Silver.

We accept payment by check or wire

You can pay for your order with a personal check, if the order is less than $100,000.00. Or, for much quicker delivery, we recommend payment via electronic funds transfer (bank wire).

We can accept your personal check or a single cashiers check on a US bank, brokerage, money market, or credit union account.

If you are paying by check, we will notify you the day your check arrives, and give you a firm shipping date in that notification.

We ship orders paid via check 15 business days from the date your check is received.

About payment via bankwire
US Mint Philly

Bankwires are electronic funds transfers which debit your account and credit the account which you designate through your bank, brokerage, or credit union account, upon your authorization.

If you are paying for your order via bankwire, we will forward our banking information to you or your financial institution via email or fax, at the time you place your order.

Sending a bankwire may require you to take our banking information to your financial institution and sign a written authorization for an electronic funds transfer. Usually, if this is done by noon, the wire is sent that same day, although policy does vary from bank to bank. Check with your financial institution for details.

If you are paying for your order via bank wire, make sure that your bank executes an electronic funds transfer (EFT, also known as a bank wire). Please do not attempt an “ACH” transfer, nor an intrabank or ‘book’ transfer at Wells Fargo.

Please do not attempt to deposit cash, or checks, into our account at any branch of Wells Fargo.

If payment is received into our account by any means other than an electronic funds transfer, your order will either be delayed for weeks, or cancelled altogether.

Most orders shipped within 48 hours, on verification of good funds. All orders shipped fully insured, signature required.

All our posted prices are net totals, with no additional charges for postage, insurance, fees, or commissions.

Since 1999, our straightforward way of doing business has successfully served thousands of repeat customers, both buying and selling.

Here’s How We Ship to You Safely

Shipping is via Registered Insured U.S. mail, and UPS, with signature required on receipt. We take responsibility for the safe transport of your order, and pay all costs of shipping and insurance on orders more than 10 ounces of gold, 500 ounces of silver, and $500 face value of 90% silver coin. Smaller quantity packages will require a $30 S/H fee. Packages can go to your street address or to your USPS post office box. For security reasons, we do not ship to private mail boxes (PMB), or other commercial ‘mail drops.’

On trades of $300,000 or more, we can discuss with you the logistics of using an armored carrier service such as Brink’s to deliver your order.