Gold Gifts For Children

Every species of mammal on planet Earth expends an awful lot of energy in raising their young, and humans are no exception. Our offspring require a lot of care, and we hope that when they mature they will carry all of our good traits, that they will have been ‘raised right.’ I think that all parents try to reproduce decent human beings that are a positive force in this world, and that are happy with themselves, to boot.

We all wish the best for our children, and as parents, we generally want to give them every advantage in this world that we possibly can. Materially, over their lifetimes, we will spend a veritable fortune while raising them. What else could we possibly want to give them?

The reasons for giving them gold are many, but the most important is that gold is the one financial asset which is permanent, requiring no care or attention whatsoever. Gold is never a burden. It’s just always there, ‘good as gold,’ solid, brilliant, and unchanging. Its market price may go up or down in the short term, but its value is never in question.

Are your children ready for gold? If they can think ahead, and have the maturity to understand that the future is just the continuous unfolding of the present, and if they can respect the actual physical presence of the basis for money itself, then gold ownership will be of value to them.

But gold, this simple, heavy, yellow element, is actually quite complicated. Its timeless value derives from thousands of years of human history, and the future purpose it will serve for your children, or their children’s children, is unknown to you.

If you give your children gold when they are ready for it, any number of possibilities, unknown to you, may open up to your family’s future generations.

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