Gold Coins as Gifts

Can I give gold to my children or grandchildren or other heirs ?

Along with real estate, gold has traditionally been the way to transfer wealth from one generation to the next. Many people take advantage of the $10,000 annual untaxed gift limit to pass down a permanent form of wealth within the family, on a regular basis.

On what occasions is gold an appropriate gift ?

Traditionally, gold coins are given as wedding gifts, and also are given to newborns. There is no better start for a couple just getting married, than to receive some gold as a savings for future use. Bestowing gold coins on new babies is also a popular gift of gold. Graduations are also an appropriate time, as that’s when a young person starts out in the world, and shouldn’t have to do so empty-handed, so to speak.

Is gold a good gift for young people ?

We think gold is much better than cash as a gift, in that gold has a permanence that plain money doesn’t have- money is to be spent, gold is to be saved. A gift of gold presents a young person with the idea of savings, a sense of permanent wealth, as opposed to some numbers that simply flow through his or her checking account. Gold has a weight, presence, and brilliance, that distinguish it from other financial assets a person might own. Hopefully, it gives a sense of savings and thrift. But certainly, it will make more of an impression than just another check.

Can you ship gold that I buy as a gift ?

Yes, we can ship gold directly to the recipient you chose, anywhere in the United States. They will receive your gift via Registered U.S. Mail, and we can include a card from you if you’d like. Some of our clients take advantage of the annual tax free gift limit, and give their children or grandchildren $10,000 packages each year.

Let us know if you’d like to make such a gift to your loved ones.