golden coins

4 Best Reasons to Invest in Golden Coins

Did you know that the first minted gold coins date back to 700 BC in the Greek region of Lydia (Turkey)? Golden coins have a long and storeyed history as a prominent component in every major economy and still have an important role in the modern world. If you’re a saver,

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best silver bars to buy

Best Silver Bars to Buy: What You Need to Know

Did you know that 55% of the world’s mined silver comes from only four countries? Buying precious metals is a smart way to beef up your portfolio. Silver has a long history of being a safety net against inflation, for instance. Are you considering adding silver to your investment strategy?

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common silver buying mistakes

4 Common Silver Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Ask any expert, and they’d recommend that you diversify your portfolio to decrease risk. So while you might already have your money spread across several stocks, it’s better to zoom out even further. What we mean is in addition to stocks, you should also invest in precious metals. One to

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cheapest way to buy silver

What Is the Cheapest Way to Buy Silver?

Many people don’t know that silver is a rarer metal than gold. This makes sense considering that it generally only costs about half as much. If you’re looking for a strong investment with growing value and demand, silver bars and coins are a great choice. Read on to learn the

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gold products

3 Factors to Consider Before Investing in Gold Products

Gold has several intrinsic qualities, making it a profitable and long-lasting investment, especially for beginner investors. It can work to diversify your portfolio and maximize your goals quickly. However, before you buy your first gold product, there are several factors you should consider.    That’s why we’ve discovered all you need

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types of silver

A Guide to the Different Types of Silver

Silver continues to be a valuable commodity in the precious metals category. In April of 2023, it was trading at a price of $25 per troy ounce. For those interested in buying silver, this can be a worthy investment. But did you know that there are different types of silver

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types of gold

A Guide to the Different Types of Gold

Are you interested in buying gold, but don’t know where to start? With so many types of gold available, it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose. From physical gold to paper gold and digital gold, each type has its unique characteristics and advantages. In this guide, we’ll

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silver rounds

4 Tips for Investing in Silver Rounds

Did you know that the price of silver is on track to outpace gold this year? This staggering growth has made silver rounds a popular investment choice. Unlike other forms of silver, such as silver coins or silver bars, silver rounds are produced by private mints. They are not legal tender. This makes

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