What to Consider When You’re Ready to Buy Silver in Sandy

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While it is easy to buy silver, we offer recommendations for consideration.

One of the consequential metrics to understand and watch is the gold-to-silver ratio as an indicator used to determine the optimum time to buy silver.  

We also advise investors ready to buy silver to avoid overpriced coins and conduct a thorough review of dealers they are considering because the silver industry is not regulated.

These are a few added recommendations for Sandy, UT, investors to consider before buying physical silver as an investment:

  • Determine the best form to meet your goals
  • Buy silver at spot or near the spot price
  • Learn the dealer’s premium percentage
  • Buy gold bullion as a positive first step

Call a knowledgeable advisor today to walk you through the steps for stress-free silver investing!

Should Sandy Investors Choose Silver Bullion Coins or Bars?

Silver Bullion-Sandy-UT

Silver bullion can offer protection during economic uncertainty, is generally considered a safe investment for long-term investors, and has a reasonably affordable buy-in for entry-level silver investing.

Investors have a few options when choosing physical silver bullion as an investment.  Silver bars are available in different types and sizes, including the 1-ounce bar as an inexpensive way to start investing in silver bullion.  Highly capitalized buyers choose larger silver bars at low premiums over the spot price for long-term investment and portfolio diversification.

Smaller investors prefer silver coins because of their portfolio flexibility, legal tender, easy liquidity, and to protect assets from future risks.

These are a few reasons why Sandy investors choose silver bullion products:

  • More reliable than stock market investments
  • Safe long-term investment with minimal risk
  • High worldwide demand
  • No counterparty risks

Call a knowledgeable advisor if you are uncertain which form of silver is the best choice to meet your investment needs.

Other Types of Silver Investments – Individual and Bags of Silver Coins

Silver Investing-Sandy-UT

We offer other types of physical silver investing options for Sandy buyers to hedge against market downturns with no counterparty risks or paper asset collapses.

In addition to our .999 fine silver products, we offer other choices for silver investment that circumvent certain economic risks of placing financial assets into stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or ETFs that present drawbacks compared to physical silver investing.

One investing option for consideration is pre-1965 circulated U.S. 90% silver coins, commonly referred to as junk silver.  Far from what the name implies, junk silver holds a high upside price potential during times of rising precious metals markets.

These are other types of silver investments with low buy-in prices as may be some of the best buys for silver investing by Sandy investors:

  • 90% silver Washington quarters
  • 90% silver 1964-dated Kennedy half dollars
  • Bags of pre-1965 circulated U.S. 90T silver coins
  • 90% silver Franklin half dollars
  • 90% silver Roosevelt/Mercury mix dimes

Which choice is right for you?  Call CMI Gold and Silver or visit us online to find silver investing offerings with great value for the money!  800-528-1380