What to Consider When You’re Ready to Buy Silver in Plantation


Investors in Plantation buy silver to diversify their portfolios and as an inflation hedge.

If you are an entry-level investor ready to buy silver, you must avoid overpaying.As with all types of investments, there is the risk of fraudulent dealers and high-pressure sales tactics of telemarketers posing as reputable dealers.

We recommend conducting due diligence on dealers before deciding to buy silver bars, coins, or silver rounds. These are a few additional recommendations to consider when deciding to buy silver as an investment:

  • Buy silver at spot price or as close to spot price as possible
  • Determine the type of silver to buy
  • Invest only in silver bullion products
  • Work with a reputable dealer like us

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Should Plantation Investors Choose Silver Bullion Coins or Bars


Silver bullion has an impressive history of a steady rise in value and low spot price, providing an ideal way for entry-level investors to enter the bullion market.

Silver is in high demand because it is a valuable and affordable precious metal. Many buyers invest in silver bullion bars, coins, and rounds to diversify their portfolios, store wealth, and protect against inflation.

Silver coins offer a hedge against political or economic stability, are easy to liquidate, carry legal tender value, and are a wise investment choice when seeking potential capital growth. Highly capitalized buyers generally invest in silver bullion bars because of lower premiums over the spot price.

Call or visit our website to learn more about these well-known silver bullion bars, coins, and rounds on the market today for silver investing by Plantation buyers:

  • 1-Oz. & 10-Oz. fine silver bars
  • 100-Oz. RCM and JM silver bars
  • 1-Oz. Sunshine Mint silver rounds
  • 1-Oz. Buffalo/Indian Head silver rounds
  • 1-Oz. U.S. Mint Silver Eagle coins
  • 1-Oz. Royal Canadian Mint Siler Maple Leaf coins
  • 1-Oz. Austrian Philharmonic coins

Other Types of Silver Investments – Individual and Bags of Silver Coins


Silver investing provides a sense of stability and a steady and diversified portfolio return while retaining higher liquidity other forms of safe investments.

While we offer a vast selection of well-known bullion bars, coins, and silver rounds, we also provide a unique option for silver investing by Plantation buyers in the form of junk silver.

Junk silver is a finite commodity of circulated pre-1965 U.S. 90% silver dimes, quarters, and half-dollars that are no longer in production. They sell for their silver content value.

These are a few other types of silver investing options for Plantation buyers:

  • Kilobars for self-directed IRAs
  • Franklin half dollars
  • 40% clad half dollars
  • Walking Liberty half dollars
  • 1964-dated Kennedy half dollars
  • Silver rounds produced by private mints

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