What to Consider When You’re Ready to Buy Silver in Oklahoma City


Knowing the current spot price of physical silver is vital when you are ready to buy silver bars or silver coins in Oklahoma City.

Investors interested in silver investing must vet dealers and conduct due diligence to avoid scams and prices that are too high or making investments that are not suited to their personal goals.

Many investors buy silver bullion to diversify their portfolio asset allocations and as an invaluable hedge against economic uncertainties.

These are a few points to consider when you are ready to buy silver:

  • Buy silver from a reputable dealer like us
  • Avoid basing your decision on price alone
  • Call us to discuss risk factors
  • Check dealer reviews at the BBB
  • Analyze the medium-to-long-term trends

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Should Oklahoma City Investors Choose Silver Bullion Coins or Bars?


If you are uncertain whether to buy silver bullion bars or coins, the answer largely depends on your personal silver investing goals.

When buying silver bullion at the lowest price gram-for-gram, investing in silver bars may be best. If you are seeking legal-tender coinage, buying silver coins is the recommended choice.

These are a few differences for Oklahoma Cityinvestors to consider when choosing to invest in silver bullion coins or silver bars:

  • Silver coins command a higher premium over spot price
  • Silver coins are easy to liquidate
  • Silver coins are easy to sell and trade
  • The yield of silver coins is better than bullion bars
  • Silver bars carry lower premiums over spot price
  • Silver bars are available in a variety of sizes & weights
  • Silver bars are a relatively inexpensive way to begin investing

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Other Types of Silver Investments – Individual and Bags of Silver Coins


We also offer bags of silver coins for silver investing, referred to as junk silver coins that have no collector value but are worth the face value of their silver content.

These silver coins are U.S. 90% pre-circulated and often priced near or at the spot price. Oklahoma investors buy bags of silver coins in small amounts for bartering or portfolio diversification.

We offer other silver investing options to Oklahoma Cityinvestors, such as:

  • 1000-Oz. silver bars in .999 fine silver for IRAs
  • 100-Oz. and 10-Oz. silver bars
  • 1-Oz. silver rounds
  • American Silver Eagles
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leafs
  • Australian 1-Oz. Silver Kangaroos

We have played a key role in introducing investors to the gold and silver markets, recommending only those precious metals for silver investing that we believe will provide them rather than us the highest profits.

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