What to Consider When You’re Ready to Buy Silver in Fresno


We cannot over-emphasize the importance of working with a reputable dealer when deciding to buy silver bars and silver coins for investment.

As the best place to buy silver online, we are committed to educating our customers on investing in silver bullion that meets their personal and financial goals.

These are a few recommendations to consider when you are ready to buy silver in Fresno:

  • Buy silver at spot price or near the spotprice
  • Check dealer reviews& complaints at the BBB
  • Analyze the medium-to-long-term trends
  • Avoid basing your decision on price alone

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Should Fresno Investors Choose Silver Bullion Coins or Bars?


Silver bullion coins and bars each have pros and cons that require research to attain the highest purpose of the investor. Many choose a mix of both.

As an age-old question among Fresno investors, we will describe significant differences between the two forms of silver bullion products. Private mints, with few exceptions, produce the majority of silver bars. They carry lower premiums over spot price, are easy to store, come in various sizes, weights, and finishes, and typically do not carry legal tender face values.

Silver coins are minted by worldwide governments in various sizes. They command a higher premium over spot price than silver bars, are easy to liquidate, sell, and trade, and offer a better yield than silver bullion bars.

If you are ready to buy silver, silver bullion is a wise choice for new Fresno investors:

  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Available in a variety of forms
  • A hedge against economic and financial instability
  • Its low cost compared to other precious metals & financial assets
  • Lower capitalized investors can buy more for less money

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Other Types of Silver Investments – Individual and Bags of Silver Coins


We offer another form of silver investing to Fresno investors commonly referred to as junk silver coins, or bags of circulated pre-1965 U.S. 90% silver coins worth the face value of their silver content.

Other silver investing options for Fresno investors include:

  • U.S. Silver Eagle coins
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins
  • Australian 1-Oz. Silver Kangaroo coins
  • 1964-dated Kennedy 90% silver half dollars
  • Walking Liberty half dollars
  • 1000-Oz. silver bars in .999 fine silver for IRAs
  • 1-Oz. silver rounds
  • 100-Oz. & 10-Oz. silver bars

Would you like to learn more about silver investing and how to get started? You can familiarize yourself with silver investing by visiting us online or calling to speak with a precious metals advisor to help you make the best decisions. 800-528-1380