What to Consider When You’re Ready to Buy Silver in Casper


Are you looking for a way to avoid the effect of inflation and benefit financially in the future? Although gold is the most popular way to invest in precious metals, many choose to buy silver of different forms for survival reasons or for portfolio diversity. Notably, silver investments often achieve higher gains during strong precious metal bull markets.

If you are looking to buy silver in Casper, WY, these are a few factors we encourage you to consider before you do:

  • What is the spot price of silver?
  • Which form of physical silver to buy?
  • Research reliable dealers
  • The market for buying silver is not regulated
  • Avoid high premium numismatic coins

Understanding the market and fair prices will affect the return on your silver investment in the future. Another way to ensure you buy silver of high quality and reliable forms is by choosing a reputable dealer. Evaluate the products available, read client reviews, and understand the business principles before selecting a dealer.

For more information about what to consider before you buy silver in your area, don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-528-1380. As one of the oldest bullion dealers in the US, e are a popular choice.

Should Casper Investors Choose Silver Bullion Coins or Bars?


When you buy silver bullion in Casper, you pay the smallest markup over the spot price, meaning you get the most metal for your money. Silver bullion is available in the form of 1-oz coins and bullion bars. Investors wanting to put sizeable amounts into silver bullion for long-term holding typically choose bars as the premiums are marginally lower. Bullion coins are an attractive investment option for their face value and ease of liquidity in smaller denominations.

These are a few of the popular silver bullion products we offer to investors:

  • 1-oz American Eagle coins
  • 1-oz Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • 10-oz .999 bars
  • 100-oz .999 bars

Other Types of Silver Investments – Individual and Bags of Silver Coins


We understand that silver investments in bullion are not always attainable for investors. For those residents in Casper looking for silver investments in more affordable products, we offer a variety of old US coins. Often referred to as ‘junk silver,’ these coins hold 90% precious metal and are a valuable addition to any portfolio. These coins are available as:

  • 90% Dimes
  • 90%Quarters
  • 90% Half-dollars

If you want to start silver investing in Casper today, call us at 800-528-1380.