What You Should Know Before Buying Gold in St. George

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Investors buy gold for wealth preservation, portfolio diversification, and as a hedge against inflation and deflation.

To take advantage of these opportunities, investors ready to buy gold must be aware of high-pressure sales tactics by promoters posing as reputable dealers.  You can visit our website to learn about the dangers of scam artists offering counterfeit gold products and enticing investors to buy gold at unconscionably high markups of 30%, 70%, and even 100%!  

Investors can buy gold coins and bars online from us using a secure ordering process with no counterparty risks.

These are a few recommendations for investors in St. George, UT, to consider before buying gold products:

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Investing in Gold Coins or Bars – Which is better?

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Entry-level investors have options that may seem confusing, such as choosing commodity investments vs. physical gold, finding a reputable dealer, and deciding whether to invest in gold coins or bars.

Many people in St. George choose to invest in physical gold bars and coins to avoid uncertainties with the stock market.  They have also wisely conducted due diligence to find a reputable dealer like CMI.  We can guide you in choosing between gold coins and gold bars based on your personal and financial objectives.  

Smaller investors choose gold coins with legal tender and portfolio flexibility.  Highly capitalized buyers in St. George prefer gold bars for quick, high-volume diversification, lower average premiums, and long-term investment.

These are a few of our well-known gold coins and bars on the market today from highly respected worldwide and private mints:

Call or visit us online to learn more about investing in physical gold products with no counterparty risk.

Why Do St. George Investors Call CMI for Gold Bullion Products

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As the oldest precious metals dealer in the U.S., we educate customers on secure and safe ways to preserve their wealth by investing in gold bullion products.

Investing in gold bullion has numerous benefits.  It offers protection against inflation, is easy to store, has no counterparty risk, and is a tangible asset readily sold for its metal content in a financial crisis.

We make it convenient and safe for investors to buy gold bullion bars and coins online.  These are a few additional reasons why St. George investors call CMI for gold bullion products:

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