What You Should Know Before Buying Gold in Plantation


Over time gold has been considered a valuable way to invest savings for future financial security. Investors typically buy gold stock as 1-oz bullion coins or sizeable bars to be put into long or short-term investment portfolios.

We encourage buying gold of the highest purity, selling for the smallest markup over the spot price. Other factors we draw to the attention of new investors before they buy gold in Plantation, FL, include:

  • Choosing a well-reviewed dealer
  • Favoring popular bullion products
  • Timely market investment
  • Arranging secure storage for precious metals

Before you buy gold online, call and speak with one of our brokers for more information about why you should consider buying physical gold with us!

Investing in Gold Coins or Bars – Which is better?


Pure bullion products like gold coins and bars are the strongest form of physical gold you can invest in. When choosing which gold coins to buy, Plantation investors need to realize the difference between numismatic and bullion products.

Numismatic coins are typically attached to high premiums as their price is determined by how rare they are. Gold bullion coins and bars are always sold for small premiums above the value of their gold content.

These are the advantages to investing in bullion gold coins and bars in Plantation:

  • Pay the smallest markup over the spot price
  • Well-recognized value
  • Conservative investment
  • Ease of liquidity

We encourage you to call us for more advice about whether bullion coins or gold bars are best suited to your portfolio goals.

Why Do Plantation Investors Call CMI for Gold Bullion Products?


The main reason why most investors call us for advice about investing in gold bullion is due to our years of experience in the industry. Operating since 1973, we hold a reputation of honest advisory regarding all popular forms of bullion for investment.

If you are looking for advice about precious metal investment options, why not contact a dealer you can trust?

These are a few notable features of our business as gold bullion specialists serving the Plantation area:

  • Authorized with the Better Business Bureau
  • Simple buying process
  • Valued client confidentiality
  • Offering prices among the lowest of established dealers

To learn more about our commitment to business practices, please visit our website’s ‘About CMI’ page. We look forward to helping you make knowledgeable gold bullion investment choices for your future financial stability.