What You Should Know Before Buying Gold in Phoenix

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If you are looking to buy gold for your portfolio as a way to invest in the future, we are the right company to contact. At CMI, we are specialists in all popular precious metals and are committed to sharing our experience and knowledge with potential investors looking to buy gold. If you are wondering what you should know before buying gold in Phoenix, AZ, we can help you. In addition to researching the market and selecting a trusted dealer, you need to consider these things before buying gold:

  • Which form of gold to buy
  • Understanding the spot price
  • Avoiding high-premium products
  • Investing at the right time

To learn more about buying gold and other popular precious metals from us, please visit our website for more information.

Investing in Gold Coins or Bars – Which is better?

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Are you considering investing in gold coins or bars? Gold coins are often the better investment option for short-term investments and maximizing portfolio flexibility. 1-oz gold coins in Phoenix produced by popular government mints are well-known among investors, making them easy to liquidate. Larger 10-oz and kilo bars are more challenging to liquidate; however, they offer investors the benefit of lower premiums over the spot price because their production costs are lower.  Buying bullion gold coins or bars in Phoenix is a conservative investment that will likely be worth more in the future.

These are some of the gold coins and bars we offer to investors:

  • 1-oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
  • 1-oz South African Krugerrand
  • 10-oz Perth Mint Gold Bar
  • 1-kilo Royal Canadian Mint Bar

Visit our website for a complete list of gold bullion products available.

Why Do Phoenix Investors Call Us for Gold Bullion Products?

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We have been trusted dealers in the precious metal industry since 1973 and are renowned for our ethical business practices and a team of knowledgeable gold dealers. Whether you are a first-time investor or already own an established investment portfolio, why not call CMI? We can assist you with high-quality gold products and honest advisory suited to your portfolio goals.

Individuals looking for more information on gold bullion in Phoenix and customized investment advisory contact us for these reasons:

  • Valued client confidentiality
  • Precious metal experience 
  • Simple online buying process
  • Fast product shipping

We offer competitive prices on popular gold bullion products when you call 800-528-1380.