What You Should Know Before Buying Gold in Miami


Investors want to buy valuable assets to secure themselves in times of economic instability. Many fear the day that the US dollar becomes worthless. When you buy gold, you protect yourself against this risk. Most will recommend buying gold bullion as a safe investment for this reason. However, there are some factors to consider before you buy gold in Miami, FL.

To make sure you stand to earn the highest profit on your investment, consider these safety precautions when you buy gold:

  • Buy gold at low premiums
  • Choose recognized forms
  • Avoids marketed numismatic coins
  • Research the dealer thoroughly

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Investing in Gold Coins or Bars – Which is better?


Investors looking to add to their portfolio want to know the difference between buying gold coins or bars. Our advice is that there are not too many differences between the two, but you should be sure to buy bullion. The premiums you pay when you buy gold coins or bars is a mark-up above the spot price. Low premiums are preferable, which is why we advise against overpriced numismatic gold coins. When you buy gold bullion coins or bars, you pay low premiums for almost entirely refined gold products.

These are some of the popular gold coins and bars we offer to residents in Miami:

  • 1-oz American Buffalo coins
  • 1-oz Candian Maple Leaf coins
  • 1-oz PAMP Suisse bars
  • 100-gram Australian Perth Mint bars

We are proud to offer an extensive range of gold coins and bars suited to investors in Miami. Visit our website to read about our specials and the prices available.

Why Do Miami Investors Call CMI for Gold Bullion Products?


Are you looking to buy gold bullion in Miami with a knowledgeable and reputable dealer? Why not call us? Since 1973 we have been advising US citizens on valuable investments and guiding them through the buying process. We value our clients and put their investment goals at the forefront of our business mission.

Why we are a recommended choice among investors buying gold bullion in Miami:

  • Responsive and dedicated customer service
  • Accredited A+ rating with BBB
  • Client confidentiality
  • Quality products

For a variety of gold bullion and other precious metal products at competitive prices, contact us today. Alternatively, we also encourage you to read more about us and the products we offer on our website.