What You Should Know Before Buying Gold in Layton

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Are you looking to invest in precious metals as financial protection in times of economic uncertainty? Buying gold bullion is a popular choice as it holds high purity and maintains its worth well over time. Despite being a conservative investment option, it is still important to have information about what factors to consider before buying gold.

These are some of those factors we advise you to think about before buying gold in Layton:

  • Discuss your goals with a trusted advisor
  • Compare available products
  • Don’t choose a dealer based on price alone
  • Favors forms that are easy to liquidate

We have over 40 years of experience in precious metal trading and stand ready to share our knowledge with you. For more information about buying gold securely in your area, give us a call at 800-528-1380.

Investing in Gold Coins or Bars – Which is better?

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We offer a range of investment options, including various gold coins and bars. Some investors choose gold coins for ease of liquidating and trading in small increments. However, suppose you are looking at buying physical gold for long-term holding or investment in IRAs. In that case, bars are preferable for their marginally lower premiums and ease of confined storage solutions.

These are some of the gold bullion coins and bars we sell:

  • 1-oz American Eagle coins
  • 1-oz Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • 100-gram Perth Mint bar .9999
  • 10-oz Credit Suisse bar .9999

Some individuals in Layton buy gold coins and bars for their distinct advantages towards portfolio diversification. For more details about the gold coins and bars for sale in Layton, visit our website's gold bullion prices page.

Why Do Layton Investors Call CMI for Gold Bullion Products?

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Choosing a reputable dealer to work with in your area ensures you receive authentic and high-quality bullion products. Since 1973 we have been a popular choice among investors throughout the US looking to buy all popular precious metal forms efficiently, securely, and conveniently. 

We are a trusted gold bullion trader for Layton investors because our business guarantees:

  • Fair prices on all products
  • Experienced dealers
  • Honest communication
  • A confidential buying process
  • Products shipped directly to you

Would you like to learn more about our business? For all you need to know about securing gold bullion investments for your portfolio, give us a call at 800-528-1380. We look forward to hearing from you!