What You Should Know Before Buying Gold in El Paso


During times of inflation, investors buy gold as a long-term investment strategy and store of value.

Gold bullion is known as a portfolio diversifier. As inflation rises, investors tend to buy gold because they consider it a hedge against rising prices.

These are a few things to know before you buy gold in El Paso:

  • Be sure you understand the costs of investing
  • You must arrange a safe place to store physical gold
  • You will likely pay a premium
  • Choose a reputable dealer like CMI
  • Buy gold bullion coins or bars rather than numismatics
  • Purchase at or near spot prices

If you are considering an investment in the gold markets, it is essential to know when to buy and what determines the price of gold. Take the time to review current and past price trends to help determine a good time to invest in gold coins and gold bars.

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Investing in Gold Coins or Bars – Which is better?


There are many prominent certified gold coins for El Paso investors to choose from, but gold bars are another option to help attain financial goals.

Which is better? That is an age-old debate best answered by saying the better choice of form is buyer objectives and buying a mix of gold bars and coins. It doesn’t matter whether El Paso investors buy gold bars or coins as long as they buy gold bullion. Gold coins and gold bars each sell for their gold content value plus small premiums.

These are a few differences between gold coins and gold bars:

Gold coins:

  • Carry legal tender values
  • Are affordable for all types of investors
  • Are easy to liquidate
  • Offer portfolio flexibility

Gold bars:

  • Are ideal for high-volume gold diversification
  • Lower average premium than coins
  • Easy to store, buy, and sell
  • Are preferred for long-term investment

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Why Do El Paso Investors Call CMI for Gold Bullion Products?


We are a reputable dealer of physical gold with an education-first commitment to helping investors protect their wealth and build diversified portfolios.

Gold bullion products are ideal forms for long-term wealth preservation for investors. They are not subject to hacking or counterparty risks.

We are the oldest precious metals dealer in the nation and can provide investors with all they need to know about investing in gold as a tangible asset outside of a digital form.

These are a few reasons why El Paso investors call CMI for gold bullion products:

  • Longstanding A+ BBB rating
  • Among the lowest prices of all established dealers
  • Customers are at the forefront of our company mission
  • Our price transparency
  • U.S. Mint Listing as a trusted precious metals dealer

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