types of silver

A Guide to the Different Types of Silver

Silver continues to be a valuable commodity in the precious metals category. In April of 2023, it was trading at a price of $25 per troy ounce. For those interested in buying silver, this can be a worthy investment. But did you know that there are different types of silver

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types of gold

A Guide to the Different Types of Gold

Are you interested in buying gold, but don’t know where to start? With so many types of gold available, it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose. From physical gold to paper gold and digital gold, each type has its unique characteristics and advantages. In this guide, we’ll

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silver rounds

4 Tips for Investing in Silver Rounds

Did you know that the price of silver is on track to outpace gold this year? This staggering growth has made silver rounds a popular investment choice. Unlike other forms of silver, such as silver coins or silver bars, silver rounds are produced by private mints. They are not legal tender. This makes

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gold bullion

The Beginner’s Guide to Buying Gold Bullion

During times of economic uncertainty, gold has historically been the main commodity that people put their trust in. This happened recently when the price of gold reached its highest of $2,074.88 in August in 2020, at the height of COVID-19.  If you are wondering if you should buy gold now,

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silver coin

How to Get the Most From Your Silver Coin Investments

Stocks. Savings. Mutual funds. Index funds. Bonds. Precious metals. When it comes to investing, there are so many outlets and paths you can take! One of the best ones is investing in a silver coin or two. There are so many benefits to investing in silver, especially in silver coins.

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what is junk silver

What Is Junk Silver (And What Should I Do With It?)

Are you one of the 11.6% of Americans who invest in silver? If you are, or you’re thinking about it, then you need to know what is junk silver so you can invest wisely. Doing your own research is crucial for making smart investment decisions, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced investor.

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investing in gold bars

A Starter Guide to Investing in Gold Bars

Did you know that ancient Egyptians mined over 7 tons of gold? Gold continues to be the most valuable substance on earth, especially for its use in electronics. As such, investing in gold continues to be an excellent way to keep appreciating wealth. One of the best ways to collect gold

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how to tell if silver is real

How to Tell if Silver Is Real: The Basics Explained

Did you know that there are more than 1.7 million metric tons of silver in the world? While that sounds like a lot, remember that silver usually has many more uses than other precious metals like gold. Silver is used in many technologies, and that usage reduces the number, thus

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