Why Us ?
Why this Website ?

We present the basic facts you need, and up-to-date information about our oldest and most-treasured of elements- gold. Whether you’re involved with gold as a buyer, seller, trader, investor, jeweler, dealer, or just curious about this most universal of metals, OnlyGold.com has something for you.

The role of gold as money, as value, as treasure itself is a basic and long-lived story, but it shouldn’t be at all mysterious. This site, we hope, will take the mystery away and show you gold simply for what it is.

OnlyGold.com is a resource open to anyone, providing information about gold and bullion, and making it easily available to those who want to purchase gold in the most cost effective forms available. Gold makes possible the private conversion of some of your assets into a portable and permanent form.

For years we have accomplished that conversion process by providing private gold portfolios for our clients. We have aided the custodians of family gold holdings in bullion and numismatics by buying, selling, appraising, or acting as broker to buy or sell for our clients.

When people are considering their first substantial purchase of gold, there’s usually a long list of questions that most of them want answered before they enter into a transaction. Over the years, we have answered variations of the same questions over and over again.

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