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When you buy from us, we pay for shipping via US Registered insured mail, which requires a signature for delivery. They charge extra for postage, and often use parcel shippers who may drop off your order without getting your signature.
When you buy from us, we pay for shipping via US Registered insured mail or UPS, both of which requires a signature for delivery. One website charges $4 per $1000 in Value – that’s an additional .4% you pay.
We don’t have commissioned salespeople. Many gold advertisers employ sales
people who will call you repeatedly with high-markup numismatic offers.
We are strictly in the business of buying and selling gold, platinum, silver, and palladium bullion. Many firms seek to maximize their profits by selling numismatic coins, leverage programs, or storage schemes.
We promise that your dealings with us are strictly private. Most firms keep all their customer records in a database, making your identity, address, and transactions accessible to who knows who.
We hand-write our invoices and shipping labels, which assures that you do not become a computer statistic. They use a computer.
We guard your identity, and your business is totally private. They use a computer.
You know who you’re dealing with at OnlyGold.com With other firms, if you wait a while between purchases, you may never talk to the same person twice.

Our website provides real information about gold, and an easy way to buy it, without any hard-sell tactics. We feel that gold sells itself, and that our customers are aware of the many advantages of gold ownership.

Of course, some people need persuading. Many people need a series of reasons and assurances before they buy anything that they’re not totally familiar with, such as gold.

To fill that need, many gold firms publish their own “newsletters” in the precious metals field. These newsletters serve to support and highlight the products they are selling, and are usually filled with puffery, and self-serving economic predictions that never come true. Put aside a few of these ‘newsletters’ today and you’ll find that their predictions make for pretty amusing reading a few years later.

And this being the Internet Age, today you’ll find web sites about gold that look a lot like the old precious metals newsletters. Same message, different medium. Many of these sites feature open ‘chat’ forums in which anyone’s opinions about gold, economics, conspiracies, etc., are posted. Who can you believe among all the anonymous screen-names?

But the basic sales tool for most of these firms in the precious metals and numismatic field is the same as it has been for decades – a team of commissioned salespeople. With sales ‘scripts’ at hand, they dial and dial, seeking to find likely prospects who will respond to the constant attention and ‘friendship’ of a persistent and pleasant salesperson.

Our approach is different: we’ve built a website providing real information about gold. Onlygold.com also is a cost-effective, hassle-free way to buy and sell gold. You just have to call us when you’re ready.

It’s probably obvious to you that this approach is not designed to get us every potential sale. But over the years, we have done the largest and most satisfying transactions – in which informed buyers end up with a cost-efficient holding of tradable gold bullion.