Our Privacy and
Confidentiality Policy

Gold is by definition, private wealth. As the issue of electronic privacy must be resolved for the Internet to succeed as an information and commercial medium, it is even more important to those who wish to ‘privatize’ part of their wealth through gold ownership. We take extraordinary steps to insure privacy for the viewers and clients of OnlyGold.com

We do not maintain computerized records of client purchases. You are not a computer entry to us, and your identity is not on a disk somewhere. When you deal with Only Gold, your gold shipment will include a hand-written invoice detailing your transaction.

Many of our clients are public figures who value their privacy, and security is a concern for all our clients. On no occasion will the identities of our clients or visitors be revealed to advertisers, business partners, potential clients, or any individual, corporation, or government agency.

We do not traffic in names and/or addresses, and we do not employ commission or quota – motivated salespeople or telemarketers of any description. In short, our ongoing business depends on your trust in us, and we will do nothing that would betray that trust.

All transactions with us
are confidential

E-mail: No email addresses sent to us will be used for the purpose of reselling to another party, nor will they become part of a bulk emailing list.

Advertising: There are no advertisers on the site, nor are there any commercial links to and from our site. Therefore, we do not have to tally or report site visits or load your computer with “cookies”.

At OnlyGold.com, you can safely come and go as you please – with complete privacy.