Our Vision
For This Website

OnlyGold.com provides both basic, timeless information about gold, and an update on prices, news and thoughts about gold and money in the old sense of the word: gold and silver, hard currency, cold cash, hard money, ‘specie’, treasure, or fortune.

We believe in a simple way to achieve a simple task: to convert some of your assets into gold in its most tradable, recognizable forms at the lowest transaction cost.

Our goal is very straightforward: to provide a low cost method of acquiring a balanced portfolio of gold.

We are here to remind you of gold’s role as a store of value, as the only permanent store of value that has survived the past few millennia

OnlyGold.com is about an element, a metal that does not tarnish or corrode, that can be buried in the ground for thousands of years undimmed, or immersed in saltwater for hundreds of years unscathed, the one element that stands out on the ocean floor amidst the debris, tarnished and rusted, of an old shipwreck: the unconquerable gold which shines as brightly as the day it was minted into coin, or crafted into jewelry.

OnlyGold.com is here to foster recognition of the heritage and tradition of that enduring store of wealth known as gold. In every country, gold is the stuff of legends and is synonymous with treasure. It is the tomb of King Tut, the treasure of Troy, King Solomon’s mines, the Nazi hoard at the bottom of some deep Alpine lake, the Lost Dutchman Mine, the Golden Fleece, the sunken galleon, the subject of every treasure map and at the end of every rainbow. In every place and culture gold was and is wealth itself.

There is something timeless about our primal response to gold – we like it, want to touch it, and find it easily fabricated into beautiful things. Even as basic and unassuming a form as a well-executed gold coin reflects light beautifully over its design and seems to glow.

Why own gold? Because it’s private money, permanent insurance, and a family heritage. Because it lasts as nothing else does. And because a person of means without gold is taking an imprudent risk entrusting all his or her wealth to outside institutions.