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Junk silver coins are US silver coins dated pre-1965. When minted, a bag ($1,000 face value) contained 723.4 ounces of silver. Due to wear, a bag of junk silver coins will yield approximately 715 ounces of silver when refined.

Junk silver coins are preferred by investors who want be prepared for worst-case scenarios. However, junk silver coins are not nearly as available as they were twenty years ago and can carry premiums much higher than 100-oz silver bars and 1-oz silver rounds.

However, because of less wear a bag of half-dollars will yield 718-720 ounces when refined, which is one reason bags of half-dollars cost more than bags of dimes and quarters. Another reason is that fewer half-dollars were minted than were dimes and quarters.

Junk silver coins are called “junk” because they have no collector or numismatic value. The coins are bought and sold for the value of their silver content.

If silver goes up ten cents, a bag of US silver coins rises $70 or so. When junk silver coins are in short supply, their premiums increase.

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