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Gold: $1,185.52
Silver:  $14.83
Platinum:  $791.75
Palladium:  $916.50

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1-oz. American Gold Buffalo- Random Years (.9999 fine)

Offer: No Minimum- FREE Shipping- Stock photo

$39.00 over spot

Price: $ 1,224.50 

Item Code: Buffaloes

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Austrian 100 Gold Coronas - Austria has been striking its 100 Corona gold coin for nearly a century and have been a worldwide favorite for a long time. Made from 21.6 karat gold with a 0.9802 troy ounce gold content.

Offer: Package offer of 3 coins, 2.94 total ounces. Stock photo

Spot + $15/coin - Free Shipping.

Price: $ 3,531.60 

Item Code: Austrian100corona

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The US Mint coined these medallions in the 1980's commemorating famous American Artists. Coins are 22K.

Offer: Package offer of 2 coins of the Marian Anderson 1/2 oz. size - FREE SHIPPING!!! - stock photo

Spot Gold! Free shipping!

Price: $ 1,185.50 

Item Code: AmArts

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Offer: 2018 1oz. Somali Gold Elephant (.9999 fine) No Photo Available - FREE Shipping!

Spot + 1%

Price: $ 1,197.40 

Item Code: SomaliElephants

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2017 1-oz. Australian Silver Kangaroo coin. Australia's Perth Mint second silver coin. It has Australian face value of $1 AUD.

Offer: Limited quantity available - Offer is a sealed box of 250 from the Perth Mint. Stock photo used. 2017 dated coin has same design as 2016. Free shipping.

spot + $2.15/oz. Price below is per box of 250 delivered.

Price: $ 4,243.80 

Item Code: 2017AgRoo

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2017 Royal Canadian Mint 1.25 oz. coin of .9999 silver depicting the North American bison.

Offer: This lot of 100 coins (125 ASW) are in unsealed tubes, thus some coins have darkened and tarnished. Free shipping. Stock photo of 2016 coin used.

$1.60 over spot content per coin = $1.28 per ounce over spot for a national mint coin! Price below reflects price per coin.

Price: $ 20.10 

Item Code: RCMbison

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Royal Canadian Mint 1.5 oz. Silver Polar Bear with Cub coins. Dated 2015. 9999 fine silver - Lower mintage coin - $8 CAD value

Offer: Selling a sealed mint box of 300 coins (450 oz.) per box. Free shipping. Only 1 box available.

Spot silver content + $2.50/coin = $1.66/oz. Price below is per coin.

Price: $ 24.70 

Item Code: RCMSilverBear

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Pre- 1965 90% Silver Quarters or Dimes - aka Junk Silver

Offer: Minimum $100 face value bags

$0.25 over spot

Price: $ 1,077.90 

Item Code: 90% Silver Quarters and Dimes

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100 ounce .999 silver bars from a variety of known, smaller manufacturers--Republic, Academy, Kitco among others. Many are older bars and may have some tarnish.

Offer: Free shipping. Stock photo of the Republic Metals bar.

$0.30 over spot. Stock photo.

Price: $ 1,512.50 

Item Code: 100ozSilverBars

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1921 Dated Morgan Silver Dollars.

Offer: MS64 NGC Graded

3 Coin Minimum- FREE Shipping

Price: $ 48.00 

Item Code: 1921 MS64 MorganSilverDollars

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1-oz. Silver Maple Leafs dated 2016 in the reverse-proof finish. These coins are limited mintage to 50,000. .9999 fine silver with the four leaf clover as a privy mark

Offer: 1-oz Silver Maples (.9999 fine) packaged 25 in a tube. 100 Coin Minimum- FREE Shipping!

$3.50 per coin over spot! These coins sell for much more elsewhere.

Price: $ 18.30 

Item Code: SilverMaples

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Pre-1921 Morgan Silver Dollars (MS64 NGC & PCGS Graded)

Offer: 3 Coin Minimum- or combined with other items

FREE Shipping

Price: $ 62.00 

Item Code: MorganDollarsPre-1921

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