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Gold: $1,222.75
Silver:  $14.65
Platinum:  $843.70
Palladium:  $1,080.50

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Offer: Random Dates- 3 Coin Minimum- FREE Shipping!

$44.00 over spot

Price: $ 1,266.80 

Item Code: Eaglesgold

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British Sovereigns (0.2354 AGW)

Offer: 3 Coin Minimum $30 S/H - Buy 15 Coins or more - FREE SHIPPING. Stock photo

Spot + 3%

Price: $ 296.50 

Item Code: Sovereigns

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1/2 oz. Gold Eagle coins.

Offer: 3 Coin Minimum - FREE shipping.

Spot + 5%

Price: $ 641.90 

Item Code: HalfOunceEagles

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Offer: 1996 through 2007- Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig

14% over spot- FREE Shipping

Price: $ 16,727.20 

Item Code: LunarSeriesOneTwelveCoinSet

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Isle of Man coin from the Pobjoy Mint. The very popular Cats gold coin with a different design each year.

Offer: We have a limited quantity of 2001 dated 1/5 oz. coins in mint packaging. 5-Coin Minimum.

spot + 5%. Price below is per coin.

Price: $ 256.80 

Item Code: Isle of Man Cats

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French Twenty Francs- Gold Rooster, Angel, Napoleon III, and Austria Gold & Florins/ Franz Joseph. (.1867 AGW)

Offer: 3 Coin Minimum $30 S/H - Buy 15 coins or more- FREE Shipping

Spot + 2.5%

Price: $ 234.00 

Item Code: French 20 Francs

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Starting in 1986 with the first year of the bullion Eagles program, the US Mint has also struck collector edition "Proof" coins of the various issues. Proofs are made by starting with specially polished planchets, which are struck twice on medallic presses in a dust-free room, imparting a mirror finish to the coin's background and a 'cameo' contrast to the design features.

Offer: 3 sets available of the 4 pc. Gold Eagle Set dated 1988 (2) and 1989 (1) with the 1 oz. 1/2 oz. 1/4 oz. and 1/10 oz. coins. Total troy oz. is 1.85 agw.

Spot + $235/set. Free shipping! Price below is delivered. Stock photo.

Price: $ 2,497.10 

Item Code: ProofGEset

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Pre-1965 90% Silver MERCURY Dimes - aka Junk Silver

Offer: Minimum $100 face value bags in circulated condition. Limited quantity available!

$1.20 over spot. Price below is per $100 face value bag.

Price: $ 1,132.90 

Item Code: 90% Silver Dimes

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Royal Canadian Mint 1 oz. Silver Maple leaf coins. There are older date coins in plastic sleeves, thus some may have tarnish.

Offer: Limited quantity available - 100 coin minimum - Free Shipping!

Spot + $1.50/oz. Price below is per coin. Stock photo.

Price: $ 16.10 

Item Code: CanadaSilver

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Various brand 10 oz. Silver Bars (.999 fine) including NTR, A-Mark, Sunshine, Apmex, SilverTowne.

Offer: 1 package offer of 10 bars (100 oz.) - FREE Shipping - Photo depicts actual bars offered.

$0.75 over spot per oz. Price below is for 100 oz. package delivered.

Price: $ 2,214.50 

Item Code: SilverBars

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Pre-1965 90% Silver MERCURY Dimes - aka Junk Silver

Offer: Package offer of $500 face bag (357.50 agw) of Mercury design silver dimes with dirt and mold on them from being buried.

Spot + $.85/oz. Price below is for $500 face delivered.

Price: $ 5,539.60 

Item Code: MercDimes

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1-oz. SILVER MAPLE LEAFS .9999 fine, 2016 date in the reverse-proof finish with the four leaf clover privy mark. Reverse Proof has a frosted background and the en relief design items such as Queen Elizabeth has a shiny, deeply mirrored affect.

Offer: 100 Coin Minimum- FREE Shipping!

Spot + $2.45 per oz.

Price: $ 17.10 

Item Code: Silver Maples

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Stackable 10 oz. silver bars with Academy hallmark produced by Materion.

Offer: Limited quantity available - 10 Bar Minimum - FREE Shipping

$0.70 over spot - price for 10 bars delievered

Price: $ 1,534.50 

Item Code: 10-oz Silver Bars

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1 oz. and fractional silver bars from Northwest Territorial Mint. Older bars with tarnish, but in plastic sheets. Package offer: 128.58 total ounces of 46-1 oz. bars, 48-1/2 oz. bars, 80-1/4 oz. bars, 80-10 grams bars and 80-5 grams bars all in plastic by NTM.

Offer: Only 1 package deal available. Free shipping.

Spot + $1.45/oz. Price below is for package. Delivered.

Price: $ 2,069.00 

Item Code: Silver.9991oz

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