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Gold: $1,298.13
Silver:  $17.05
Platinum:  $938.00
Palladium:  $922.00

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1 oz South African Gold Krugerrands (random years)

Offer: Limited quantity available - NO minimum - FREE Shipping

$22.00 over spot!

Price: $ 1,320.10 

Item Code: Krugerrands

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1/2 oz. US Mint Gold Eagle coins.

Offer: 3 ounce minimum purchase or combined with other items. Free shipping.

Spot + 4.5%

Price: $ 678.30 

Item Code: HalfOunceEagles

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Australian Gold Kangaroo Special. Back dated 1 oz. .9999 fine gold coins. Various dates--2014, 2000, 1998, & 2-1990.

Offer: 5 coin package deal - Free shipping! Stock photo

Spot + 1.25%

Price: $ 1,324.10 

Item Code: Kangaroos

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Johnson Matthey Kilo Gold Bar (.9999 fine)

Offer: FREE SHIPPING 1 only availabale

Spot Gold + $2.00/oz.

Price: $ 41,799.20 

Item Code: JMKiloBars

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Produced by England's Royal Mint 1 oz. .999 fine silver Britannia - coins dated 2014 with 1 coin dated 2017.

Offer: Only 20 coins available - Package lot - Free shipping.

$2.35 over spot. Price below is package price delivered.

Price: $ 729.00 

Item Code: Silver1ozRds

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100 ounce .999 poured style silver bars from Republic Metals Corp.

Offer: No minimum - Free shipping.

$0.45 over spot. Price below is per bar. Stock photo.

Price: $ 1,750.00 

Item Code: 100ozSilverBars

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1987 was the Year of the Rabbit in the Asian Lunar Calendar. The Singapore Mint issued 1 oz. .9999 fine gold coins for the occasion.

Offer: Limited quantity available still in mint sealed package. Free shipping.

Spot + 3.5%

Price: $ 1,343.60 

Item Code: SingaporeGold

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Privately minted 1 oz. gold rounds .9999 fine from Golden State Mint with the popular Indian head design.

Offer: Limited quantity available - Free shipping on 3 oz. minimum purchase.

Spot gold!

Price: $ 1,298.10 

Item Code: GoldRounds

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90% Pre-1964 Dimes or Quarters

Offer: $100 face minimun Dimes or Quarters our choice. FREE shipping

Spot + $0.35

Price: $ 1,244.10 

Item Code: 90%Quarters/Dimes

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2017 1-oz. Australian Silver Kangaroo coin. Australia's Perth Mint second silver coin. It has Australian face value of $1 AUD.

Offer: Limited quantity available - Only 100 ounce minimum with free UPS shipping. Stock photo used. 2017 dated coin has same design as 2016.

spot + $1.65/oz. Price below reflects price per coin.

Price: $ 18.70 

Item Code: 2017AgRoo

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10 oz. Silver Bars from Sunshine Minting, .999 fine.

Offer: Only 1 package available of 8 (eight) 10 oz. bars - older and newer designs, some with tarnish and some in plastic - Free shipping!

spot + $.65/oz. Price below is for 80 oz. package. (Picture is of 1-oz bar)

Price: $ 1,429.00 

Item Code: 10ozAgBar

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KILO GOLD BAR 999.9 fine from Royal Canadian Mint.

Offer: 1 only available.

Spot Gold + $2.50/oz. Shipping included

Price: $ 41,815.30 

Item Code: KiloGoldBar

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1 oz. .9999 fine gold bars the Royal Canadian Mint. Older style in Assay holder.

Offer: Limited quantity available - 3 oz. minimum or combined with other items. Free shipping.

Spot + $19/oz.

Price: $ 6,509.70 

Item Code: 1ozGold

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The US $20 'Double Eagle,' struck from 1850 to 1933, was the largest circulating gold coin made in the US. The Liberty head type was struck until 1907. Each coin contains .9675 agw.

Offer: We have a package lot of three (3) $20 Liberty gold pieces at spot gold content because of damage to the coins.

Spot gold content + $30 S&H

Price: $ 1,255.90 

Item Code: LibCoins

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Offer: 999.9 fine Back-Dated Coins - 3 ounce minimum or combined with other items.

$22 over spot - FREE SHIPPING

Price: $ 1,320.10 

Item Code: Philharmonics

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100-gram gold bars Australia's Perth Mint.

Offer: Limited quantity available. In package with assay certificate. Stock photo used

Spot + 1% - Free Shipping!

Price: $ 4,215.20 

Item Code: 100gramGoldBars

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Offer: 100 oz Johnson Matthey Poured Silver Bars (.999 fine)

NO MINIMUM - FREE SHIPPING Spot Silver + $0.59

Price: $ 1,764.00 

Item Code: JM Silver Bars

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Royal Canadian Mint 1 oz. Silver Bison coins. 9999 fine silver - Limited mintage of 1 million coins - 6th and final coin in this Wildlife series - like new condition from the mint.

Offer: Original RCM tubes of 25 - 100 coin minimum - Free shipping!

Spot + $2.55/oz.

Price: $ 19.60 

Item Code: RCMSilverBison

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The Royal Canadian Mint has begun issuing the popular silver maple leaf coin with different privy marks. 2014 coin has a maple leaf privy mark on its reverse.

Offer: Limited quantity available - 100 coin package purchase of these coins with slightly milky finish - Free shipping!

Only one lot in stock of 100 coins. Price below is per coin.

Price: $ 19.10 

Item Code: Silver Maples

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PAMP Suisse Kilo Gold Bar .9999 fine with certificate.

Offer: 1 only available - Shipping included.

Spot + $3.00/oz.

Price: $ 41,831.30 

Item Code: Pamp Kilo

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In 2011, the Royal Canadian Mint started a series of four different four nines (.9999 pure) silver bullion coins depicting wildlife from our northern neighbors. The first issue was the Wolf, limited to one million coins struck.

Offer: We have a limited quantity of these collectible coins of .9999 pure silver from the RCM at only $3.95 over spot per coin. 25 coin minimum please, so we don't split a tube.

We have a limited quantity in RCM tubes. $30 S&H and insurance. Price below is per coin.

Price: $ 21.00 

Item Code: Silver Wolves

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To commemorate the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver BC, the Royal Canadian Mint issued 1-ounce gold Maple Leafs with a special design.

Offer: We have a limited quantity of 1-ounce gold Vancouver Olympic issue Maple Leaf gold coins. Only 3 coin minimum purchase.

Spot + 2% - Shipping included!

Price: $ 1,324.10 

Item Code: Maples2010Olympics

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40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars

Also known as 40% clad, Kennedy Half Dollars dated from 1965-1969 were composed of 40% silver content. 1000 face value (2000 coins) yields approximately 295 troy oz. pure silver when melted.

Offer: We have a limited quantity of half bags of $500 face value (147.5 troy oz.) at spot. Stock photo used. Kennedy half dollars containing 40% silver are dated 1965-1969.

SPOT Silver! Sold in bags of $500 face. Price below is per $500 face bag. Free Shipping

Price: $ 2,514.90 

Item Code: 40%Clad

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Starting in 1986 with the first year of the bullion Eagles program, the US Mint has also struck collector edition "Proof" coins of the various issues. Proofs are made by starting with specially polished planchets, which are struck twice on medallic presses in a dust-free room, imparting a mirror finish to the coin's background and a 'cameo' contrast to the design features.

Offer: We have a limited quantity of the 1 oz. Proof Gold Eagles coin in mint condition with certificate and box dated 1986. Stock photo used.

spot + $75/oz. Free Shipping.

Price: $ 1,373.10 

Item Code: ProofGoldEagles

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999 Fine - Older Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins in sheets of plastic - 55 coins total, 53 dated 2003, the others 1989 & 1993.

Offer: Only 1 package deal of 55 pieces available. Free shipping. Stock photo.

spot + $2.35/oz. Price below is for package. Delivered.

Price: $ 1,067.00 

Item Code: Silver.9991oz

Numismatic Specials

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US Mint Morgan Silver Dollars graded by PCGS or NGC

Detailed Description:  
The popular dollar coin designed by George T. Morgan was struck in quantities from 1878 through 1904, and then once more in 1921. Each contained the silver "standard" of .77 troy ounces pure silver per coin. In the Western US, these coins were extensively used in everyday commerce as recently as the early 1960's, while at the same time 'back East' the preferred currency was paper. We have some higher grade Morgan Silver Dollars professionally graded by NGC and PCGS.

MS 64 coins are $65.00 and MS 65 coins are $138.00. Stock photo used here.

Price:  $52.00   

Item Code: MorganNumis