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Gold: $1,324.37
Silver:  $16.49
Platinum:  $995.80
Palladium:  $1,026.70

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Offer: 2008 dated 1 ounce Gold Philharmic (100 Euro denomination). Limited quantity available.

Spot + $24/coin. Free shipping! Stock photo.

Price: $ 1,348.40 

Item Code: Philharmonics

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US Mint 1 oz. Buffalo gold coin .9999 fine, dated 2006 and graded to be First Strike and MS 69 by NGC.

Offer: Limited quantity available. Free shipping. Stock photo.

Spot + $45 per coin.

Price: $ 1,369.40 

Item Code: BuffaloesSlabbed

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Offer: 1-oz American Gold Eagles (Random Years)

No Minimum - FREE SHIPPING $29.00 over spot

Price: $ 1,353.40 

Item Code: Eaglesgold

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1-oz American Gold Buffalo from the US Mint - 24 Karat - back dated coins, some in original mint packaging and some not.

Offer: Limited quantity - FREE SHIPPING! - Stock photo

$35.00 over spot

Price: $ 1,359.40 

Item Code: Buffaloes

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Offer: 100-oz Engelhard Silver Bars


Price: $ 1,683.50 

Item Code: Engelhard Silver Bars

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90% Pre-1964 Dimes or Quarters

Offer: $100 face minimun Dimes or Quarters our choice. FREE shipping

Spot + $0.35

Price: $ 1,203.70 

Item Code: 90%Quarters/Dimes

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"Generic Rounds" are the trade terms for pure silver round bullion items, of the type produced starting in the 1970s for the US silver investor market. For exmaple, Sunshine Minting Company produced one-ounce .999 silver rounds (titled 'silver eagles,' but not a product of the US mint) were one of the most popular of these privately refined and struck bullion coins in the late 1990's. We have an assortment of these 1 oz. silver rounds produced by various private mints all marked with their purity of .999 fine and their content of 1 oz. troy silver.

Offer: Only 100 coin minimum purchase of combined with other items and free shipping.

Spot + $.45/oz. Price below is per coin. Stock photo.

Price: $ 16.90 

Item Code: SilverRounds

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Royal Canadian Mint 1.5 oz. Silver Polar Bear with Cub coins. Dated 2015. 9999 fine silver - Lower mintage coin - $8 CAD value

Offer: Selling in sealed mint boxes of 300 coins (450 oz.) per box. Free shipping.

Spot silver content + $3.50/coin. Price below is per coin.

Price: $ 28.20 

Item Code: RCMSilverBear

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In 2006 the US Mint introduced its first .9999 pure gold coin, the gold Buffalo. Hundreds of thousands of the bullion version of this coin have been sold since then. The Mint also struck for collectors some exquisite proof versions of the Buffalo, each with mirror finish and a cameo contrast.

Offer: We have available a limited quantity of 2006 dated Proof Buffalo coin with certificate, velour holder and box.

$39 over spot per coin. Free shipping. Stock photo.

Price: $ 1,363.40 

Item Code: Proofbuffaloes

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Offer: 100 oz Johnson Matthey Poured Silver Bars (.999 fine)

NO MINIMUM - FREE SHIPPING Spot Silver + $0.35

Price: $ 1,683.50 

Item Code: JM Silver Bars

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Kilo Size (32.15 troy oz.) Silver Bars .999 fine from Valcambi.

Offer: Limited quantity available--only 1 bar minimum--bars encased in a soft plastic, then inserted into a hard plastic case.

Spot + $.85/oz. Price below is per bar. Free shipping.

Price: $ 557.30 

Item Code: KiloAgBars

Numismatic Specials

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US Mint Morgan Silver Dollars graded by PCGS or NGC

Detailed Description:  
The popular dollar coin designed by George T. Morgan was struck in quantities from 1878 through 1904, and then once more in 1921. Each contained the silver "standard" of .77 troy ounces pure silver per coin. In the Western US, these coins were extensively used in everyday commerce as recently as the early 1960's, while at the same time 'back East' the preferred currency was paper. We have some higher grade Morgan Silver Dollars professionally graded by NGC and PCGS.

MS 64 coins are $65.00 and MS 65 coins are $138.00. Stock photo used here.

Price:  $52.00   

Item Code: MorganNumis