About Onlygold – Where we came from
Where we are today

In February 2014, OnlyGold.com merged its operations with CMI Gold & Silver Inc, one of the largest gold and silver bullion retail firms in the United States.  Bill Haynes, president and owner of CMI, has been in the precious metals retail business for more than forty consecutive years.  When merged with CMI, OnlyGold.com was one of the Southwest's largest bullion and coin trading operations.

The merger came about because Richard Smith, OnlyGold.com’s founder, and his wife decided that after twenty-six years, many of them six days a week, they needed to take a break from the industry.  During most of those twenty-six years, they took only one vacation week a year.  Now, they plan travel and relax for a couple of years before deciding on what—if any—projects they may want to tackle.

Richard’s vision was to develop a website that provided gold coin and bullion investors with an easy and convenient way to determine prices of the most popular gold coins and bars.  Prior to then, he had been buying and selling gold, silver, and numismatic coins full-time since 1978. For years, he worked in the retail and wholesale coin and bullion field, trading his own account at auctions, bourse floors, and conventions. In 1986, with a family started, he moved to Arizona to manage what was then The Coin and Stamp Gallery, Arizona's largest gold and silver coin trading house.

In 1991, CSG Inc. was incorporated to purchase and operate The Coin and Stamp Gallery.  From that point on, the CSG Inc. specialized in helping individuals, families and financial planners make the right decisions in precious metals as a cornerstone for their financial security.

One thing that Richard learned during the tremendous growth in CSG’s portfolio business during the 1990s was the need for straightforward information about gold ownership and a way to provide appropriate bullion gold and other precious metals choices for individuals.

To that point, CSG developed OnlyGold.com to provide an efficient source for potential precious metals buyers, offering them a user-friendly site that would efficiently display prices of popular gold bullion coins and bars.  Over time, OnlyGold became a buyer of gold products, thereby providing its clients with a reliable “two-way” market.

OnlyGold’s merger with CMI Gold & Silver Inc. reassures its clients that they will continue to get competitive prices in an increasingly competitive bullion business. 

OnlyGold has employed numerous quality people, but Cathy Hamler stands out and she continues working with OnlyGold clients after the merger.  Joining OnlyGold in 1996, Cathy has bought and sold hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of gold bullion and coins.  In an industry where brokers come and go at a rapid pace, Cathy remains rock solid.  And, she is a delight to work with.

Onlygold trades on the Certified Coin Exchange, provides substantial support for the Industry Council on Tangible Assets (ICTA), is a member/dealer with the Professional Grading Service (PCGS) and with the Numismatic Guaranty Corp (NGC). Onlygold have been an American Eagle Bullion dealer listed on the US Mint’s website for decades and has been listed in the World Gold Council’s Where to Invest Directory for more than ten years.

CMI is committed to maintaining OnlyGold.com as an Internet site that connects gold (and now silver) investors to a long-established sources in the precious metals business.  The merger with CMI Gold & Silver Inc. assures OnlyGold clients that they will continue to receive the same high quality service on which Richard Smith built OnlyGold.com.