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Spot Silver: $ 15.00

Silver Eagle: The silver Eagle is the U.S. Mint's 99.9% pure silver bullion dollar coin, which has been struck continuously since 1986. Coins are issued in Treasury tubes of 20 coins each. Orders in increments of 500 coins will be delivered via Registered Mail in sealed original cases of Silver Eagles from the Mint at West Point NY, 25 tubes of 20 coins each, all in a sturdy green plastic Treasury box (‘monster box’), measuring 14 ¾” by 8 ½ “ by 4 ½.”
Silver Canada Maple: The Royal Canadian Mint has been striking 1-ounce pure silver Maple Leaf bullion coins since 1988. Each is five Canadian dollars face value, and is the only silver bullion coin that we know of struck in four-nines (.9999) fineness rather than .999. On purchases in increments of 500 coins, we will ship your order in the Royal Canadian Mint sealed box of 500 coins each.. These hard-plastic yellow boxes are a compact 8” x 9.5” x 4.5” -a very practical and compact way to store your coins.
Silver Australian Kangaroos: This coin program is inspired by one of Australia’s most beloved and iconic animals, the kangaroo.  For outstanding impact, the coin is made with an extra thick blank to accommodate the superbly detailed design of a kangaroo against a background of sun-rays.  This distinctive artistry is struck from 1-oz of .9999 fine silver.
Silver Austrian Philharmonic: The Austrian Mint strikes a silver bullion coin with a design almost identical to that of the gold Philharmonic. Each coin is one troy ounce .999 pure silver, and we have fresh 2013-dated coins to offer. Philharmonics are issued by the Austrian Mint in plastic tubes of 20 coins each, 500 in a cardboard box.
Silver Buffalo Rounds: Struck by Golden State Mint. This private mint is certified by QAS International under terms of ISO 9001-2008 in the manufacturing of precious metals products.
90% Junk Silver Coins: Circulated 90% US silver coins, minted before 1965, are called junk silver coins because the coins have no collector or numismatic value. The coins are bought and sold for the value of their silver content.
Silver Bars: Silver bars are easy to store, and they are virtually indestructible. Silver bars appeal to investors who simply want hedges against inflation.