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Here you can find gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins or bullion that we have in limited quantities.

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Our specials prices listed below are based upon these spot metals prices:

Gold:   $1,281.15          Silver:  $17.01           Platinum:  $938.50          Palladium:  $1,004.55

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1-oz American Gold Buffalo from the US Mint - 24 Karat coin - 2006 dated, out of packaging originally issued by the US Mint.

Offer:  Limited quantity - FREE SHIPPING! - Stock photo   

$32.00 over spot  

Price:   $ 1,313.20           

Item code:   Buffaloes        

-  No Image -


Offer:  2007 1-oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf (.99999 fine)   

$32 over spot - Limited quantity - Stock photo  

Price:   $ 1,313.20           

Item code:   FiveNinesMaple        

-  No Image -

1-oz Pamp Fortuna Gold Bar

Offer:  Some spots and slightly damaged packaging - No minimum - Free shipping   

Spot + $12 per ounce  

Price:   $ 1,293.20           

Item code:   1ozGold        

-  No Image -

5 oz. GOLD BAR from PAMP with Veriscan certificate. .9999 fine bar with Lady Fortuna design on opposite side.

Offer:  1 only available - Free shipping - Stock photo   

$12 over spot per ounce.  

Price:   $ 6,465.80           

Item code:   5ozGB        

-  No Image -

100 ounce .999 silver bars from a variety of manufacturers--Republic, Perth Mint, Pan Am, ScotiaBank, Wall Street Mint, Academy, NTR. Some bars have slight tarnish such as the Academy, and some bars come in boxes such as the Pam Am and some of the Republic Metals bars.

Offer:  2 bar minimum - Free shipping.   

$0.40 over spot. Price below is per 2 bar minimum delivered. Stock photo.  

Price:   $ 3,442.00           

Item code:   100ozSilverBars        

-  No Image -

The Kroner--Danish for crown was named so to reflect its mintage at the king's mint. This version depicts King Frederik VIII of Denmark. The reverse features crowned and mantled arms.

Offer:  Minted at the Danish Royal Mint in Copenhagen, each coin contains .2592 troy ounces of gold--just a little more than a British Sovereign, and a wonderful, fractional, almost 1/4 oz. European coin.   

15 coin minimum (3.89 total troy oz.) Free shipping!
Spot + 3%. These hard to find coins sell elsewhere for much more. Stock photo.  

Price:   $ 342.00           

Item code:   Denmark20K        

-  No Image -

1-oz Pamp Fortuna Veriscan Gold Bar

Offer:  Limited quantity - No minimum - Free shipping   

Spot + $16.00 per ounce  

Price:   $ 1,297.20           

Item code:   pampveriscan        

-  No Image -

The Mexico two and a half peso has been one of the world's standard small bullion gold coin for many decades. Each is struck at North America's oldest mint in Mexico City in 22 karat gold, bearing the date 1945. The actual gold content of these tiny coins is .0602 troy ounces of pure gold.

Offer:  We have a limited quantity available--only 40 coin minimum purchase (2.41 troy ounces of pure gold) at only 4% over the actual pure gold value.    

Spot + 3.5% and Free shipping.  

Price:   $ 3,195.60           

Item code:   2.50pesos        

-  No Image -

1/4-oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf (.9999 fine) (Random Years)

Offer:  Back-dated coins coins in sealed mint plastic - 3 oz. minimum purchase or combined with other products - FREE SHIPPING!   

5% over spot!  

Price:   $ 336.30           

Item code:   QuarterMaples        

-  No Image -

1-oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar

Offer:  Limited quantity - No minimum - Free shipping - Stock photo used   

Spot + $14 per ounce  

Price:   $ 1,295.20           

Item code:   creditsuisse        

-  No Image -

The Peoples Republic of China has issued the .999 pure gold Panda bullion coin since 1982. The design is changed every year, making these the premier gold bullion collectors item.

Offer:  We have 10 of the 1 ounce gold Pandas struck in 2014, in the original mint packaging to offer.    

Spot + $75/coin. Stock photo used.  

Price:   $ 1,356.20           

Item code:   2014Pandas        

-  No Image -

We have to offer Swiss Helvetias, containing .1867 agw per coin.

Offer:  Limited quantity available. 15 coin minimum purchase.   

3% over spot. Free shipping.  

Price:   $ 246.40           

Item code:   Swiss20Franc        

-  No Image -

1 oz. Gold Bars .9999 fine from known refiner PAMP. PAMP gold bars with Suisse design on the front.

Offer:  Limited quantity - no mimimum - Free shipping!   

Spot + $13/oz.  

Price:   $ 1,294.20           

Item code:   1ozAUgoldbars        

-  No Image -

90% Pre-1964 Dimes or Quarters

Offer:  $100 face minimun Dimes or Quarters our choice. FREE shipping   

Spot + $0.35   

Price:   $ 1,241.20           

Item code:   90%Quarters/Dimes        

-  No Image -

100-gram gold bar by PAMP in the cast or biscuit style.

Offer:  1 only available. No certificate. Stock photo used   

Spot + $6 per ounce - Free Shipping!  

Price:   $ 4,138.20           

Item code:   100gramGoldBars        

-  No Image -

Royal Canadian Mint 1 oz. Silver Bison coins. 9999 fine silver - Limited mintage of 1 million coins - 6th and final coin in this Wildlife series - like new condition from the mint, dated 2013.

Offer:  Original RCM tubes of 25 - 100 coin minimum, or combined with other product - Free shipping!   

Spot + $1.50/oz.  

Price:   $ 18.50           

Item code:   RCMSilverBison        

-  No Image -

Chinese 1/2 oz. Panda gold coin dated 2014 in mint packaging.

Offer:  6 coins available--currently connected in a sheet. Stock photo.   

Spot + 10%  

Price:   $ 704.60           

Item code:   HalfPandas        

-  No Image -

Royal Canadian Mint 1.25 troy oz. pure silver coins dated 2016--anticipated low mintage on these unusual size coins valued at $8 Canadian dollars.

Offer:  Limited quantity available - Free shipping.   

Spot + $1.95/oz. Price below is per piece.   

Price:   $ 23.70           

Item code:   RCMSilverCoins        

-  No Image -

Kilo Size (32.15 troy oz.) Silver Bars .999 fine from Johnson Matthey.

Offer:  Limited quantity available--only 1 bar minimum--all bars by JM--stock photo.    

Spot + $1.25/oz. Price below is per bar. Free shipping.  

Price:   $ 587.10           

Item code:   KiloAgBars        

-  No Image -

1-oz American Silver Eagles (random years)

Offer:  20 coin minimum - FREE SHIPPING   

Spot + $1.85  

Price:   $ 18.90           

Item code:   Silver Eagles        

-  No Image -

European gold coinage during the 1800s was predominately the 20-franc coins of France, Belgium, and Switzerland, and the 20-Lira issued by Italy, Each contains .1867 ounces of pure gold, and circulated throughout the continent.

Offer:  Limited quantity available of French 20 Francs with French leaders and Angel designs available. Free shipping. Stock photo.   

Spot + 3% Approximate 3 oz. minimum or combined with other product. Price below is per coin.  

Price:   $ 246.40           

Item code:   FrenchTwentyFrancs        

-  No Image -

1-OZ. GOLD PANDA dated 1985 in original mint packaging.

Offer:  Only 2 available in Original Packaging (.9999 fine)    

Spot + $95/coin Free shipping. Stock photo.  

Price:   $ 1,376.20           

Item code:   PandaGold1Ounce        


Numismatic Specials
-  No Image -

US Mint Morgan Silver Dollars graded by PCGS or NGC

Detailed Description:  
The popular dollar coin designed by George T. Morgan was struck in quantities from 1878 through 1904, and then once more in 1921. Each contained the silver "standard" of .77 troy ounces pure silver per coin. In the Western US, these coins were extensively used in everyday commerce as recently as the early 1960's, while at the same time 'back East' the preferred currency was paper. We have some higher grade Morgan Silver Dollars professionally graded by NGC and PCGS.   

MS 64 coins are $65.00 and MS 65 coins are $138.00. Stock photo used here.

Price per coin:  $52.00

Item code:   MorganNumis

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