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Here you can find gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins or bullion that we have in limited quantities.

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Our specials prices listed below are based upon these spot metals prices:

Gold:   $1,244.93          Silver:  $17.82           Platinum:  $968.50          Palladium:  $814.50

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French 20 Franc "Roosters" 0.1867 AGW

Offer:  15 coin minimum, $25 S/H on orders less than 10 ounces   

Spot + 4% per coin.  

Price:   $ 241.70           

Item code:   FrancRoosters        

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Australian Gold Kangaroo Special. Back dated 1 oz. .9999 fine gold coins. Mostly dated 2013. 1-oz Australian Gold Kangaroo

Offer:  Limited Quantity – 3 oz. minimum - $30 S&H - stock photo   

Spot + 3%  

Price:   $ 1,282.30           

Item code:   Kangaroos        

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Mexican 50 Peso Gold Coins (1.2057 AGW)

Offer:  3 coin minimum purchase with $30 S&H flat fee on orders less 10 ounces.   

Spot + 19.00 per ounce  

Price:   $ 1,523.90           

Item code:   Mexican 50 Peso        

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The Pamp Suisse 1-ounce Gold bar has been our favorite for years. It is beautifully struck and features a portrait of Lady Fortuna. Each bar is individually serial-numbered and sealed in a certificate card with matching serial number.

Offer:  Limited quantity available on these older, non-VeriScan bars. $30 S&H - Stock photo   

Only $27 over spot per ounce.   

Price:   $ 1,271.90           

Item code:   Pamp1ouncebar        

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100-oz Silver Bar - March Madness Sale

Offer:  100-oz Silver bar - Perth Mint, Republic Metals, Johnson Matthey, Engelhard, Sunshine, Asahai. $0.45 over spot    

No Minimum- FREE Shipping (stock photo used)  

Price:   $ 1,827.00           

Item code:   100ozAgBars        

-  No Image -

We have to offer Swiss Helvetias, containing .1867 agw per coin.

Offer:  Limited quantity available. 15 coin minimum purchase.   

3% over spot. $25 S&H  

Price:   $ 239.40           

Item code:   Swiss20Franc        

-  No Image -

The Mexican gold Onza series was a popular bullion choice in the early 1980s. These 22karat coins were struck at the Mexico City Mint in sizes 1-ounce, half-, quarter-, tenth-, and twentieth-ounce. We have a small lot of the 1-ounce gold Onzas.

Offer:  We have a small quantity of coins at 2.5% over spot price.    

Spot + 2%. $30 S&H  

Price:   $ 1,269.80           

Item code:   Onzas        

-  No Image -

Apmex brand 100-OZ SILVER BARS .999 fine.

Offer:  Package deal of 4-100 oz. silver bars and 1-50 oz. silver bar from Apmex, all in boxes.   

Only $0.35 over spot on this package deal, $30 S/H.  

Price:   $ 1,939.50           

Item code:   Silver100ozBars        

-  No Image -

Starting in 1917, the oldest mint in North America, the Mexico City Mint, struck gold twenty-peso coins of .900 fine gold, containing .4823 ounces of pure gold each. These handsome coins portray the Aztec calendar on the reverse, and the iconic Mexican Eagle on a cactus on the obverse.

Offer:  We have a quantity of the 20-peso gold coin at only 2.5% over spot gold.   

$25 S&H. Stock photo used. Price below is per coin.  

Price:   $ 615.40           

Item code:   Mexico20Peso        

-  No Image -

PAMP brand 10 oz. gold bar .9999 fine without packaging or certificate. Fair/decent condition.

Offer:  1 only available. Shipping included. Stock photo.   

Spot+ 1%  

Price:   $ 12,573.80           

Item code:   Gold Bars        

-  No Image -

We have in stock some gold tenth-ounce Maple Leaf coins from various years, each still sealed in their original flexible plastic holders as issued by the Royal Canadian Mint.

Offer:  Limited quantity available - 3 oz. approximate minimum purchase - $30 S&H - stock photo   

Spot + 6% - Price below is per coin.  

Price:   $ 132.00           

Item code:   tenthmaples        

-  No Image -

Since about 1981, the Royal Canadian Mint has been striking .9999 fine quarter-ounce gold Maple Leaf coins.

Offer:  We have one small lot of 10 coins for 2.5 troy oz. Most coins plastic, some not. Stock photo.   

5% over spot. One lot only. $30 S&H  

Price:   $ 10,457.40           

Item code:   QuarterMaples        

-  No Image -

PAMP Brand 100 gram Gold Bar in biscuit style with older pink certificae .9999 fine.

Offer:  Limited quantity available. $30 S&H. Stock photo used   

Spot + 2.5%  

Price:   $ 4,102.50           

Item code:   100gramGoldBars        

-  No Image -

Silver bars in the 10 oz. size from Pan America. .999 fine.

Offer:  Only 100 ounce minimum purchase. $30 S&H. Stock photo, some bars in plastic, some not.   

spot + $.55/oz.  

Price:   $ 233.20           

Item code:   10ozAgBars        

-  No Image -

The Royal Canadian Mint has begun issuing the popular silver maple leaf coin with different privy marks in limited mintages. The reverse proof silver maple leaf is beautiful with its matte background finish and its relief features in polished silver finish. Limited mintage was 50,000 coins.

Offer:  Limted quantity available - 20 coin minimum purchase - $30 S&H - Photo coming soon!    

One lot in stock of 74 coins. $30 S&H. Stock photo used. Price below is per coin.  

Price:   $ 20.80           

Item code:   Silver Maples        

-  No Image -

Kilo Size, stackable (32.15 troy oz.) Silver Bars .999 fine from Apmex and Scottsdale Silver.

Offer:  3 Bars total. 2 bars from Apmex (1 bar) and Scottsdale Silver. All bars have the same shape allowing them to stack easily. Total troy ounces 96.45. $30 S&H.   

Spot + $.60/oz. Price below is per bar.  

Price:   $ 592.20           

Item code:   KiloAgBars        

-  No Image -

10 oz. fine silver bars marked .999 from various refiners.

Offer:  Only 10 bar (100 oz.) minimum, + $30 S&H. Stock photo used, but does depict some brands available.   

Spot + $.45/oz. Price below is per bar.  

Price:   $ 182.70           

Item code:   Ag10ozBars        

-  No Image -

The silver Eagle is the U.S. Mint's pure silver bullion issue $1 coin, and has been struck continuously since 1986. We have some back-dated silver eagles available at excellent pricing with a low minimum.

Offer:  We have a lot of 100 silver eagles with some tarnish or milkiness at only $1.50 over spot. Coins have 2000 or above dates.   

$30 S&H. Stock photo.  

Price:   $ 19.30           

Item code:   silvereagles        

-  No Image -

Mexican 10 Peso gold and the Mexican 5 Peso gold coin containing .2411 troy oz. Father Miguel Hidalgo appears on the front of both coins. The reverse sides have an eagle perched on a cactus.

Offer:  One lot of 3.978 troy oz. AGW, with 8 Ten Peso coins and 17 Five Peso coins. Stock photo of various Mexican Peso coins.   

Spot + 3%. $25 S&H
Price below is per coin.  

Price:   $ 5,100.90           

Item code:   10pesoMex        

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