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Here you can find gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins or bullion that we have in limited quantities.

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Our specials prices listed below are based upon these spot metals prices:

Gold:   $1,228.91          Silver:  $17.91           Platinum:  $996.10          Palladium:  $771.00

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1 oz South African Gold Krugerrands (random years)

Offer:  Limited quantity available - NO minimum - FREE Shipping   

$34.00 over spot!  

Price:   $ 1,262.90           

Item code:   Krugerrands        

-  No Image -


Offer:  1 ounce Gold Philharmoinc (random years). Stock photo.   

3 coin minimum - $30 S&H on orders less than 10 coins $37.00 over spot  

Price:   $ 1,265.90           

Item code:   Philharmonics        

-  No Image -

French 20 Franc "Roosters" 0.1867 AGW

Offer:  15 coin minimum, $25 S/H on orders less than 10 ounces   

Spot + 4% per coin.  

Price:   $ 238.60           

Item code:   FrancRoosters        

-  No Image -

Random, back-dated, clean 1 oz. Silver Philharmonics from the Austria.

Offer:  Limited quantity available. Some 500 mint boxes available. $30 S&H. Stock photo.   

Spot + $1.85/oz. Price below is per coin.  

Price:   $ 19.80           

Item code:   SilverPhilharmonics        

-  No Image -

1-oz American Gold Eagles

Offer:  No Minimum - FREE SHIPPING (various dates, stock photo used)   

Spot + $49.00  

Price:   $ 1,277.90           

Item code:   Eaglesgold        

-  No Image -

100 oz silver bars from Republic Metals Corp.

Offer:  Only 2 bar minimum. $30 S&H on orders less than 5 bars.   

$.59 over spot. Price below is per bar. Add $30 S&H. Photo coming soon.  

Price:   $ 1,850.30           

Item code:   100ozAgBars        

-  No Image -

Royal Canadian Mint 1oz. Silver Maple Leaf coins .9999 fine. Clean, back-dated coins in original tubes and mint boxes. Some sealed boxes available.

Offer:  Limited quantity available. Only 100 oz. minimum purchase + $30 S&H. 500+ ounces--shipping included! Stock photo.   

Spot + $1.75 on orders less than 500. Buy 500+ coins only $1.55 over spot silver. Price below is per coin on smaller quantity.  

Price:   $ 19.70           

Item code:   RCMSilverMaples        

-  No Image -

British sovereigns were the standard gold coin for much of the world in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This powerful gold symbol of England's reign over it's empire. Each coin is .2354 troy oz. and consists of Saint George, mounted on a horse, slaying a dragon. The date is at the base of the coin.

Offer:  15 Coin minimum- $25 S & H on orders less than 40 coins   

spot + 5%   

Price:   $ 303.70           

Item code:    Sovereigns        

-  No Image -

We have to offer Swiss Helvetias, containing .1867 agw per coin.

Offer:  Limited quantity available. 15 coin minimum purchase.   

4% over spot. $25 S&H  

Price:   $ 238.60           

Item code:   Swiss20Franc        

-  No Image -

One of Austria's national mint coins, the 4 Ducat is almost 24K gold and contains .4430 troy ounce. Franz Joseph I is depicted on the front of this coin and Austria's Coat of Arms on the reverse.

Offer:  Limited quantity available. 3 ounce minimum purchase. Coins in average circulated condition. $30 S&H on orders less than 10 total ounces.   

Spot + 2%. Price below is per coin. Stock photo of Austrian 4 Ducat and 1 Ducat coins.  

Price:   $ 555.30           

Item code:   Austria4Ducat        

-  No Image -

Valcambi has produced different size CombiBars of .999.9 fine purity. They have issued a 1 oz. CombiBar divisible into 10-1/10th oz. pieces of gold, a 50 gram CombiBar divisible into 50-1 gram bars and a 20 gram CombiBar that divides into 20-1 gram bars. The main bar has a serial number and the smaller pieces are also individually marked.

Offer:  We have available one 50 gram CombiBar. Total AGW is 50 gram or 1.6075 troy ounces. $25 S&H   

spot + 2.5% - Price below is for entire bar, please adding shipping.  

Price:   $ 2,024.90           

Item code:   ValcambiCombi        

-  No Image -

The Mexican gold Onza series was a popular bullion choice in the early 1980s. These 22karat coins were struck at the Mexico City Mint in sizes 1-ounce, half-, quarter-, tenth-, and twentieth-ounce. We have a small lot of the 1-ounce gold Onzas.

Offer:  We have a small quantity of coins at 3% over spot price.    

Spot + 3%. $30 S&H  

Price:   $ 1,265.80           

Item code:   Onzas        

-  No Image -

1 oz. Gold Bars .9999 fine. produced by the Perth Mint in Australia for eBay. Bar in assay holder.

Offer:  Package lot of 6-1 oz. bars. Photo unavailable.   

Spot + $15/oz. $30 S&H. Price below is per bar.  

Price:   $ 1,243.90           

Item code:   1ozAUgoldbars        

-  No Image -

PAMP Brand 100 gram Gold Bar in biscuit style without certificate .9999 fine.

Offer:  1 only available. $30 S&H. Stock photo used   

Spot + $18/oz.  

Price:   $ 4,008.80           

Item code:   100gramGoldBars        

-  No Image -

American Buffalo gold coins .9999 fine from the US Mint out of their original US Mint packaging.

Offer:  Limited quantity available. 2016 dated coins. Stock photo.   

Spot + 3%. $25 S&H Price below is per coin.  

Price:   $ 1,265.80           

Item code:   BuffaloesNoPlastic        

-  No Image -

40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars

Also known as 40% clad, Kennedy Half Dollars dated from 1965-1969 were composed of 40% silver content. 1000 face value (2000 coins) yields approximately 295 troy oz. pure silver when melted.

Offer:  We have a limited quantity of half bags of $500 face value (147.5 troy oz.) at spot. Stock photo used. Kennedy half dollars containing 40% silver are dated 1965-1969.    

SPOT Silver. $30 S&H. Sold in bags of $500 face. Price below is per $500 face bag.  

Price:   $ 2,643.20           

Item code:   40%Clad        

-  No Image -

Privately minted 1-ounce .999 silver rounds. We have a group of these silver rounds from various refiners to offer.

Offer:  We offer 99.9% pure silver 1-oz. rounds. Different designs, 100 minimum purchase at spot + .65 - Stock photo used.   

$30 S&H   

Price:   $ 18.60           

Item code:   Silver.999Rounds        

-  No Image -

The Engelhard Corporation is one of the oldest and most respected refiners in the world. We have a .999 gold kilogram Engelhard bar.

Offer:  We offer this Engelhard kilogram bar (32.15 troy ounces) at only 1% over spot, delivered.    

One bar. Our price includes registered insured mail shipping to your US postal address.   

Price:   $ 39,904.40           

Item code:   Englelhardkilos        

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