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    Select a different article is Back From the 4th - Tan, Fit and Rested!
(July 8, 2002) Our staff is now back in the saddle and ready for a busy second half of 2002. The general investing populace is slowly coming to realize that the 18-year bull run in stocks (the Reagan-Clinton Bull Years, 1982-2000, R.I.P) is over, done, finished, and buried. Gold draws a larger crowd each day - it offers safety, solace, security, and, yes, a bull market still in its infancy...
The first half of this year has been our busiest yet at, and we expect all sorts of fireworks in the gold markets long after the memory of the Fourth of July 2002 is faded.

Also, we have some changes going on at that you may want to know about:

First, about the first week in August will be commencing a twice-monthly e-mail newsletter. This letter will provide up-to-date news on gold and its markets, interesting stories relating (sometimes tangentially) to gold and money, and also links to gold-related news and commentary that we think worth reading.

Most importantly, we will offer to those who sign up a ‘first-shot’ at our gold bullion special offers. This will be a free subscription service, requiring only an e-mail address to sign up. Look for that sign-up opportunity on our home page shortly.

Also, there will also be some tinkering done to our portfolio offerings. Many of our customers like the convenience and favorable pricing of the portfolios, but some have pointed out that there’s really no differentiation among the $25k, $50k, and $100k packages. We are excited about the changes in the works that will add different gold bullion choices, enhance the value aspect of the portfolios, and make the larger portfolios into more distinct packages. Stay tuned for that!

Repeat customers at have noticed that we have added an e-mail notification service on orders paid by check. Not only does this let you know that we received your check, but at the same time we also provide an exact shipping date for your order. We are always interested in taking steps to keep our customers informed, such as this change to inform them of their order’s shipping date immediately upon receipt of their payment.

By the way, over 99% of our orders are actually shipped on or before their promised shipping date! That doesn’t seem particularly remarkable to us, since we’ve been doing this for a long time. But from some of you we hear that some gold dealers, both the older firms and the Internet upstarts, don’t always deliver in a timely fashion. Some make no promise at all, or they break their shipping promises while citing ‘delayed shipments,’ ‘slow mail,’ ‘unusual market conditions’ or some other such excuses. I guess my point is that when you get a shipping date from, it’s not just an estimate or a best-case scenario – it’s a commitment on our part, and you can count on us to do as promised.

As always, we solicit your comments and suggestions. If there are any changes or additions that you would like to see on the website, or ways that you think we could improve our service to you, or expand our bullion product line, please call or email us.

We’re always happy to hear from you!


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