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Closed on Monday for Columbus Day
(October 8th, 2012) Columbus Day is celebrated in the United States of America on the second Monday in October, marking the date on which Christopher Columbus discovered some islands a few hundred miles from what is today the United States, all of which later came to be known as part of the Americas.
Columbus, in his four voyages, touched down in South America, Central America, Cuba, and many islands in the Carribean. The continental United States he never actually visited. The first Europeans to visit what is now the US were Vikings (Danish)around the year 1,000 AD.

Columbus Day itself was a holiday invented primarily for political reasons. According to Katy Steinmetz, writing in Time Magazine in 2011:

Columbus Day was the brainchild of New York state senator Timothy Sullivan, an archetypal Tammany Hall man who greased the wheels of New York City's notoriously corrupt political machine during the late 19th century and early 20th century. His bill to set Columbus Day aside passed by a vote of 86 to 35 in 1909, and the initial reaction from those hardworking Americans of yore wasn't great. People labeled it superfluous and called for its repeal.

But I think we already knew, this is basically a no-content federal holiday - So enjoy the day off!

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