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Genuine Shortages of Bullion Gold Products
(September 25, 2008) As bullion dealers, we are disappointed to announce what we hope is a temporary shortage of many of the most popular bullions products at this time. What has been rumor over the past few weeks is, unfortunately, now fact.
As gold merchants, we are continually purchasing gold bullion coins and bars from mints, refiners, and distributors who supply those products wholesale. This allows us to offer them to you. As always, it is not our policy to offer what we do not have in stock, or to take orders for any product unless we know with certainty that we have quantities coming to us through our pipelines with known reliable suppliers.

Lately, we and every other bullion dealer have been swamped with orders. Due to the rather dicey U.S. economic situation, business over the past couple of weeks has been about five times what we normally see in a two-week period.

If you have placed orders with us, let me assure you that every order that we have taken is being filled in a timely manner.

A few weeks ago, the first product that became unavailable was the Pamp 1-ounce and 10-ounce gold bars. Soon thereafter, the Royal Canadian Mint suspended sales of the 5-9s special edition gold Maple Leaf.

Word from the U.S. Mint yesterday was that they are currently out of the gold Buffalo coin, and are no longer taking orders for that coin. Our expectation is that is a temporary situation, and we hope to hear that they are available again soon.

This morning we learned from the major distributors of gold Eagles in the 1-ounce size that those coins are simply not coming out of the Mint in sufficient quantities for them to sell any at this time. Again, we hope that situation is remedied in the next week or so.

The Mint is producing gold Eagles, but the distributors are simply out of that product, leaving us nothing to sell at this time.

So we regret having to suspend sales of some of our most popular products. Until such time as we can re-stock, we have ‘zero-ed out’ those out-of-stock products on our price pages on this website.

Feel free to call us to order products which are available. We are sorry that we have a reduced set of gold bullion choices to offer at this time.

-Richard Smith 9/25/08


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