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We Take an Independence Day Vacation
(July 4, 2007) On this, the 231st anniversary of our country’s Declaration of Independence from King George III of England, we are going to celebrate by making a real long weekend of it. We’ll be back at work Monday 7/9/07.
We will not be here for the markets of Thursday 7/5/07 and Friday 7/6/07, so after 4:30 PM Tuesday this website will show “zeroed out” gold prices on all its price pages until we are back on Monday, 10:00 AM EDT, ready to go.

In the meantime, as we ponder our country’s historic and time-honored rebellion against tyranny, inevitably our thoughts turn to politics.

And as is our patriotic habit on this, the celebrated occasion of our American Independence Day, and in fond remembrance of our heritage of democracy, politics, and the various delights associated therewith, it is with great solemnity, respect for tradition, and no small dose of nostalgia (of the sweetest kind, that is – the nostalgia for an era that we never experienced), that we convey here Brick Pomeroy’s reminiscence of an 1858 election in Wisconsin:

The Value of Election Day Treating: Wisconsin in the 1850s

“Then I brought in from the kitchen a clean washtub, poured half the whiskey into it, supplied the outfit with a tin dipper, and appointed a stout Belgian farmer to take charge of it and treat the men as they came in – with Judge Larabee’s compliments. ..It was not too long before the tavern was full of voters, as election day they all come out to meet each other and to vote. I asked the landlord if he could supply dinners for all, if I would pay for it ..Then I went into the bar room and through the man in charge of the washtub invited all who came to have dinner with me - with the compliments of Judge Larabee..We had a jolly time, and all agreed that the young man was a good one, and if all Democrats were like him they were a good lot.”

Our whole staff wishes you and yours a great Fourth of July and a wonderful weekend to go with it.


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