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New Gold and Old Reasons
(May 22, 2007) The world of gold bullion buzzed with the release of the 99.999% pure Maple Leaf coins from Canada this week, abetted by the simultaneous release of the world's largest gold coin, the 100-kilogram, million-dollar face value, gold Maple Leaf featuring the same new design.
No doubt you have heard some of the hype about the new five nines gold Maple. Quite a few media outlets published pictures of the enormous 100-kilogram 99.999% pure gold novelty coin which the Royal Canadian Mint produced to publicize the new Maple. This car-tire sized gold coin with a $1,000,000 face value provided a golden photo opportunity in the Mint's successful campaign to draw attention to the new limited-edition gold Maple Leaf bullion - a coin struck in gold refined to an unprecedented .99999 fineness.

Having produced this 220-pound coin just for publicity's sake, the Royal Canadian Mint was actually contacted by parties interested in purchasing some. So they decided to make the 100-kilogram coins available to order. And three of them have already been sold.

So, through special arrangement with the Canadian Mint and one of its US distributors, we can arrange for them to make you one. Your cost would be only 10% over the actual gold value ($2.75 million or so), a price which includes delivery via Brinks to any commercial address that you designate within the United States.

But if rolling a 220-pound gold wheel around is not your idea of fun, we invite you to consider instead the 1-ounce version special edition of the .99999 gold Maple Leaf for 2007 (Click here to see it on our website)


Across the pond, the Isle of Man finally announced the release of its 2007 version of the popular Cat series of bullion coins that it began in 1988. The Isle of Man is home to the Manx Cat, a portrait of which started this series some twenty years ago. Since then, through the facilities of the Pobjoy Mint, they have each year manufactured their pure gold bullion Cat coins in sizes of 1-ounce, half-ounce, fifth-ounce, tenth- and twenty-fifth-ounce.

To quote the press release, "This delightful series which depicts a different cat each year has become one of the most popular gold bullion series in the world and we are delighted to announce the release of the 20th Cat coin in the series which features a beautiful Ragdoll cat with her two very endearing kittens."

We will have the coins in a few days, and are taking orders now. Pictures will follow as soon as we get them.


And from Australia's Perth Mint, we now have word that the ordering period for all of the Series One Lunar coins, from 1996 through 2007 inclusive, in both gold and silver, will come to an end the last week in June 2007.

We are encouraging our customers contemplating large orders to contact us as soon as possible, while supplies are still available at the Mint. We will be placing our last order around June 25th, but some of the currently-available product may already have reached it production limit by them. We are maintaining a substantial inventory of Lunar Series One coins at this time, but once the Mint is out, there is not much chance that we will be able to restock at wholesale prices.

This fall, we will be starting Series Two of the Perth Mint Lunar coins, with the release in September of the Year of the Mouse coin for 2008. The Series Two coins will feature all new designs, and be struck on planchets of different diameters from the Series One issues.


Meanwhile, back in America, the buffalo is looking more and more like an endangered species. While the U.S. Mint's gold Eagles, now in their 22nd year of production, remain the most popular bullion coins in America, the gold Buffalo program may soon be coming to an end. The likelihood of the Mint ever striking fractional size Buffaloes is diminishing, and there is talk that the bullion issue 1-ounce Buffalo will be extinct after 2007. We will provide details as we hear them from the Mint.


"If there is one single element around which civilizations have risen or fallen, it is gold. Since the very beginnings of organized society, untold legions have toiled for it, fought for it, and all too often died for it. Great nations, and even whole civilizations, have been known to wither and die for the lack of it. Like it or not, gold has occupied a central place in the affairs of man throughout his recorded history and, like it or not, it may yet decide the future of the United States, or even the ultimate destiny of Western Civilization itself." - Donald J. Hoppe, "The Case for Gold," 1972.

"Nevertheless, gold does maintain its purchasing power over long periods of time. The intriguing aspect of this conclusion is that it is not because gold eventually moves toward commodity prices, but because commodity prices return to gold." - Roy W. Jastram, "The Golden Constant," 1977.

We've all seen prices double for various things over the past few years, including real estate, copper, a loaf of bread, gasoline, you name it. We perceive these as price increases, as if those items magically became worth more, when in fact, what we are seeing is inflation in dollar terms.

When prices double, the operational function of the currency that you hold, or are owed, or have been promised in the future, is cut in half. Without the protection of a constant such as gold, the process of inflation, sometimes slowly, but always inevitably, consumes your wealth.

Remember, our modern dollar is simply a medium of exchange, and not a store of value. It's really up to you to acquire a store of value to protect the purchasing power of your wealth for you and your heritage.

We suggest gold.

-Richard Smith



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