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Career Opportunity for the Right Person
(April 17th, 2006) This month we are launching a national search for an addition to our staff. How do we find the right bright bulb to help our operation? Someone suggested that it couldn’t hurt to post the opening right here on this website, so here goes…
Thank you for your interest in our company.

We are a small firm, with a staff of six, and we are looking to add another person. Our Internet business,, was founded in 1999 and has since served thousands of customers throughout the US in both buying and selling gold bullion primarily, with substantial additional national business in numismatic items and silver, platinum, and palladium in all forms.

Since 1991 we have operated a retail and wholesale coin store in Phoenix, Arizona, with general specialties of US coins, and precious metals in all forms. We are a long-established firm with an excellent reputation dealing in the coin and precious metals fields. We work primarily with collectors, investors, dealers, financial planners, and estate representatives in the coin and bullion field. Further, we perform appraisals, provide competitive bids, and complete liquidations for private owners, trust officers, banks, attorneys, and estate service firms. Additionally, we work with coin dealers, jewelers, pawnbrokers, and antique dealers in both direct purchase and refining service agency in precious metals recycling.

Our reputation is our most valuable asset. We are members of the Better Business Bureau, and have a perfect record with that agency extending back into the 1980s. We are supporters of the Industry Council on Tangible Assets, and have affiliations with both PCGS and NGC as member-agents since 1991.

We are looking for the right person to join our team and help our continued growth through customer service. We do not have a strict job definition, but we have a number of tasks that we perform on a continuing basis that you, as our candidate, either already know how to do or have the interest and aptitude for learning.

This job involves working with people, both co-workers and customers, and having a familiarity and comfort level with basic arithmetic: primarily adding, multiplying, and using percentages. Beyond those basic skills, our candidate must be a hard worker who can think on his or her feet, listen to a customer, and help that customer get from point A to point B.

Experience in the coin and bullion field is helpful, but not necessary. Other useful experience might be in banking, retail, HTML, graphic design, digital photography, or writing. We are willing to consider a wide range of candidates in search of the right fit.

What is required is an interest in this field, the strongest sense of personal and business ethics, good people skills, the intelligence and energy to learn our business, and an absolute mastery of arithmetic.

Our business day is made up of a lot of different sorts of interactions and transactions, and we will help the right person develop some of the following skills:


Most everything that we do, locally and nationally, starts with a phone call. So let it ring twice, then pick it up and see what you can do to help! Can you answer their question yourself, or do you know who on our staff is the right person to take that call? Are you direct and friendly over the phone? If someone is calling us for the first time, you have about ten seconds to make an indelible impression about our company, and it may be a very big deal that hinges on that impression. So,…how did you do?


As soon as someone walks in our door, one of our staff greets them and welcomes them to the store. Is there anything specific, or would they like to look around? Let us know if we can show you something, or answer a question for you. A counter person may help the customer, or refer him to the right person on staff for his needs. The first in-person impression is the store itself, and whoever on staff first says hello.


Working with collectors, both casual and advanced. We stock the usual line of US coins, singles, bulk items, US Mint products, etc. We have customers for each type of product, and we provide a pleasant no-hassle environment for them to shop in. Coins are a enjoyable hobby, and they leave the customer with solid value for their money. Collectors have to like the person that they are dealing with, or they will not return. Treat them in an honest, ethical, and friendly manner, and you have a customer for life.


You will buy from collectors, dealers, and those who inherit or represent the owners of coin collections and bullion holdings. Must be able to get from point A to point B and close the sale. We have a large retail store, and we pay great prices for great material, good prices for good stuff, and even fair prices for the sort of common material which comes into every coin shop by the box-load. We buy everything in coins, currency, and precious metals. Our philosophy is that they wouldn’t bring it in if they didn’t want to sell it, and by listening, paying attention, and responding to the customer’s stated and unstated needs, the deal can be bought. You will work with knowledgeable sellers, and the totally ignorant, all in a spirit of friendliness. If they don’t like you, they won’t sell to you, no matter what you offer. Our business is built on a stellar reputation, and friendly transactions.


We stock the popular gold, silver, and palladium bullion products. Our store has been a fair buyer and seller of such products for decades, and we have a loyal customer base which is continually expanding due to good word-of-mouth. We have a standard buy-sell spread on all items, and the same people who buy from us also sell to us, depending on the market and their needs at the time. Either way, they can count on us for fairness, instant payment, and instant delivery of what they pay for.


Our website,, provides nearly all the popular gold bullion products, both for sale and purchase. The website is comprehensive, featuring nearly 200 pages of information, specifications, commentary, and a total pricing grid broken down by quantity. Therefore, the calls we get on the website’s phone are generally orders only. These are not commission sales, and the products are all low-margin bullion items. Sales on the website start at around a $5,000 minimum, average $25,000 or so, and often reach into six figures. The website itself does all the ‘selling’ of the product - your job will be to answer a question or two, making sure the fit is right for the customer’s needs. In the process you will solidify the caller’s favorable impression of us gleaned from the website, and then take the order in a confident and friendly manner.


Working knowledge of gold scrap testing (we use an acid kit). You will be buying from pawn shops and jewelers who bring gold scrap to us. Experience will give you a good ‘feel’ for gold and familiarity with acid and slate readings. Must have a thick skin and a pleasant demeanor, as pawn reps can sometimes be a tough crowd.


This involves everything: keeping the store neat, taking out the trash, going to the Post office, answering the phone, getting lunch for the crew, and the myriad of things that keep a business running smoothly. We have no employment hierarchy or no rigid job descriptions, so often anyone may be called upon to do anything, the boss included. Therefore, we need a flexible person who works well with others both customers and staff, and isn’t afraid to take on anything.


We have grown our business over the years by taking a fresh approach to the coin and bullion business. We now need someone to join our team and help us grow further. This is a career opportunity for the right person. Salary will be commensurate with our desire to hire you, and your earnings will grow with your responsibilities and our continued success.

Initial applications accepted by email, phone, fax, or US mail.

Richard Smith, President, Coin & Stamp Gallery Inc., 4216 W. Dunlap, Phoenix, Arizona 85051, Tel. 602 242 2885, Fax 623 934 6076


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