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It's August 4th and We're Back!
(August 4, 2003) Tanned, rested, and ready! And while we were gone, gold corrected in price while silver started to break out. Our prediction: the next fifty-one weeks until our next vacation should be interesting! But on to other subjects…
First, a few words about an opportunity that we see in the Lunar Series gold coins from Australia.

Starting with the Year of the Rat in 1996, the Perth Mint began striking a 12-year series of gold bullion coins featuring the Lunar Series animals. We feature these beautiful coins in the various sizes, but the 1-ounce coins are far and away the most popular. And the mintage on the 1-ounce gold coins is limited to 30,000 pieces of each year’s design.

2000 was the Year of the Dragon, the most favored year of the whole Lunar calendar in Asia. There is even anecdotal evidence that in China a great deal of family planning efforts went towards the goal of giving birth to a child during the most favored Dragon year of 2000.

Thus, the Dragon 1-ounce gold coin sold out its entire 30,000 mintage long ago. Prices have been climbing on the Dragon coin ever since, and now, when they are available, they bring over $500 each.

However, the other seven issues are still available. Our understanding is that the one that is the closest to selling out, and perhaps going the way of the Dragon, is the 2002 Year of the Horse 1-ounce gold coin. It has now sold some 17,000 pieces of its limited 30,000 mintage.

We are now posting a special price on the gold 1-ounce Horse, and our intent is to sell out the remaining 13,000 pieces.

This series still has four more issues to go (2004 Monkey, 2005 Rooster, 2006 Dog, and 2007 Boar) and is attracting a growing number of collectors.

Of course there are no guarantees, but selling out the 2002 Horse issue would certainly be a boost for the whole series. As interest in gold bullion increases, more and more people are finding this Lunar Series of bullion coins to be one of the most attractive and beautiful gold coins being produced today.

I think it would be super if we could sell out the Horse issue! Toward that goal, we’re working with our distributor and shrinking our margins on this issue because we want to do two things:

1. Place a few thousand of these coins with our customers, and

2. Make the whole mintage of the 1-ounce Horse gold coins disappear into strong hands.

The 2002 Horse has a natural appeal to American buyers, is a beautiful .9999 pure gold coin, and each coin is struck to the high standards of the Perth Mint and individually encapsulated. There's no good reason not to buy the Horses when they're priced the same as Eagles, Maples, Kangaroos, and the other standard bullion choices.


My final word is on the touchy subject of email.

I hate it.

And, of course, I can’t live without it. We’ve all gotten used to the convenience and speed of email, and the fact that we can send it day or night and the recipient will have it instantly, the next time he or she checks their mailbox.

But, email has its drawbacks. The first is that when you send a message out into cyberspace, are you ever really sure that it gets read by whom you intended it for? Sure, they probably received it, but they might not check their email regularly. Or they may have inadvertantly deleted it without reading it, because it was mixed in with the growing quantity of cyber-garbage that we all receive, known as spam.

Unfortunately and inconveniently for many of our customers, we recently had to change our email addresses due to the preponderance of commercial spam messages that we were receiving. When we started this website years ago, we made the naïve mistake of publishing our email addresses right on the site. Today, there are computer programs (‘bots’) that troll the Internet, scooping up email addresses to add to mailing lists for professional spammers.

So we had become so deluged with unwanted spam that I was literally wading through several hundred spam messages a week in order to find, read and respond to the legitimate emails we were getting.

So we took the step of cancelling our old email addresses, and starting over without making our new addresses available to the 'bots.'

We apologize for the inconvenience of our change of email addresses. If you have one of our old email addresses in your computer, it is no longer valid.

You can still reach us via email through our “Contact Us” page, and we’re just a phone call away at 800 800 4485. Give me a call! Email is a wonderful thing, but I find that an old-fashion phone call is so much easier and friendlier.

And I wish a happy remainder-of-the-summer 2003 to all of you.

-Richard Smith


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