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America's user-friendly gold site - where U.S. residents have been buying and selling gold coins and other gold bullion products for nearly 15 years, with confidence and safety.

We sell gold coins and buy gold coins. See current spot gold prices. See photos of gold bullion products. Learn how to buy gold bullion coins or how to sell gold coins and gold bars.

The Gold Standard: Gold is wealth, permanence, heritage, status, and unalterable integrity. Gold bullion coins and Gold Bullion bars represent an easy way to own the Gold Standard.

Who Buys Gold Bullion Coins Today?  Doctors, lawyers, retirees, workers, entrepreneurs, money managers, and investors who appreciate the stability, utility, and simplicity of gold.

Aurum® Gold Notes - Now Here's Something New !

(January 25, 2014) One of the most remarkable attributes of the element gold is its amazing malleability - you can pound and stretch gold to an extremely thin leaf. A new gold bullion product called the Aurum, from a company named Valaurum, takes advantage of that trait, and has produced a tradable bullion product that 'shows you the gold'- in denominations of fractions of a gram!  Click for full story.

Something New at OnlyGold - Silver !
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Precious Metals Coins And Bullion Bars In Stock For Sale
2009 American Gold Eagle

American Gold Eagles:  The 2014 gold Eagles are now in stock! We have the 1-ounce, half-, quarter-, and tenth-ounce sizes in new gold Eagles - the most popular bullion coin in the USA.

American Gold Buffalo

American Gold Buffalos:  2014 Buffaloes are now in stock. This .9999 fine bullion coin is the US Mint’s first pure gold coin. Each states the weight, denomination and gold content on the reverse and comes individually sealed in Mylar plastic, packaged 20 to a sheet.

American Gold Buffalo

British Gold Horses:  Here’s something new: A pure gold bullion coin from the British Royal Mint, designed to commemorate the Year of the Horse, and dated 2014. These coins are .9999 pure gold, limited to 30,000 bullion coins to be minted, and are priced at a reasonable bullion markup.


Krugerrands:   South Africa’s 1-ounce Krugerrand is the world’s most popular gold bullion coin. Krugerrands have been struck continuously since 1967 in huge numbers, and are a very cost-effective way to buy gold bullion.

Canada Maple Canadian Maple Leafs:  We have the 2014-dated Maple Leaf 1-ounce ..9999 pure gold coin with the micro-engraved security device. The Maple Leaf in the 1-ounce size continues to be one of the best buys in gold bullion coins available. We also stock the Half-ounce, Quarter-ounce, and Tenth-ounce sizes.

Austrian Philharmonic Euro

Austrian Philharmonics:  We now stock the 2013-dated version of the Austrian .9999 gold Philharmonic, Europe’s most popular bullion coin.

Double Eagle

US Double Eagles:  US $20 gold coins from the pre-1933 era were struck at the U.S. Mints in 90% fine gold, with a net weight of .9675 ounces of pure gold. We offer these reasonably priced numismatic coins from the late 1800s and early 1900s in extra fine to almost mint condition.

Australian Kangaroo

Australian Kangaroos:  The Perth Mint in Australia has recently slashed its premium for the 99.99% pure gold Kangaroo, making this beautiful issue the least expensive gold coin option.. We now have in stock the new 2014 gold Kangaroos.

Panda China Pandas:  The 2014 edition of this popular series of gold bullion coins picturing a Panda Bear, in One-Ounce, Half-Ounce, Quarter-Ounce, Tenth-Ounce and Twentieth-Ounce sizes.

Australian Lunar Series Two Gold Coins
2011 Rabbit

2014 Lunar Horse:  The 2014 Australian Lunar Series gold Horse was an immediate success upon release. We have in stock the impressive 2-ounce coin, plus the fractional sizes. The 1-ounce Horse was limited to 30,000 minted, and sold out quickly.

2011 Rabbit
2013 Lunar Snake:   We now have in stock the 2013 Lunar Series ‘Year of the Snake’ gold issues from Australia’s Perth Mint, in sizes ranging from 2-ounce down to twentieth-ounce sizes.

2011 Rabbit 2012 Lunar Dragon:   The 2012 Year of the Dragon gold coin from Australia’s Lunar Series II was a great success. We have small quantities in stock of some of the fractional sized gold Dragons. The limited mintage of 30,000 1-ounce gold Australian Gold Dragons is now sold out.

2011 Rabbit

2011 Lunar Rabbit:   The Year of the Rabbit gold coin is the fourth issue in Australia's Lunar bullion gold coin Series Two. The 1-ounce size has now sold its entire 30,000 allowed mintage.

2010 Tiger

2010 Lunar Tiger:   The 2010 Year of the Tiger 1-ounce gold bullion coin from The Perth Mint. This dramatic and finely detailed .9999 pure 1-ounce gold coin is the third issue in Australia’s Lunar Series II.

2009 Ox

2009 Lunar Ox:  The second issue of Perth Mint’s Lunar Series II was struck for 2009’s Year of the Ox. As with all of the Lunar Series 1-ounce coins, 30,000 coins was the limited mintage.

2008 Mouse

2008 Lunar Mouse   The 2008 Mouse was Australia's first issue of the Lunar Calendar Series II from the Perth Mint. 30,000 coins were minted in the 1-ounce size.

Silver Bullion Coins
U.S. Silver Eagle

American Silver Eagle Ounce:  

We have in stock the 2014-dated silver Eagles, the U.S. Mint's $1 face value bullion silver coin. Each is .999 pure silver, 20 coins per tube, 500 per ‘monster’ box.

Canadian Silver mapleCanadian Silver Maple:  

Silver maple Leafs are the world’s only 99.99% pure silver coin. These $5 face value Canadian coins come 25 per tube, 500 coins in a Royal Canadian Mint box.

Canadian Silver mapleAustrian Silver Philharmonic:

The Austrian Mint strikes a silver bullion coin with a design almost identical to that of the gold Philharmonic. Each coin is one troy ounce .999 pure silver, and we have some fresh 2013-dated coins to offer. Philharmonics are issued by the Austrian Mint in plastic tubes of 20 coins each, 500 in a cardboard box.

Platinum Coins and Platinum Bars

PaltypusAustralian Platinum Platypus:    We stock the 1-ounce platinum Platypus. This 99.95% pure platinum coin is struck to the usual high standards of the Perth Mint, and comes individually encapsulated as issued.

MapleCanadian Platinum Maples:  We now have the new 2012 platinum Maple Leaf 1-ounce coin in stock. Due to the growing investor demand for platinum at today’s prices, the Royal Canadian Mint has revived this popular 99.95% pure platinum coin.

Pamp Suisse One-Ounce Platinum BarPamp Suisse Platinum Bars Ounce:

We offer the Pamp Suisse platinum bars in the 1-ounce size. Each bar is die-struck with the Fortuna Lady portrait on one side, serial-numbered, and encased in a certificate card as issued by Produits Artistiques Mextaux Precieux (PAMP) in Switzerland.

Palladium Items

Palladium Ounce BarsPalladium

Pamp Suisse Palladium bars come refinery-sealed in a plastic card with certified assay notice and serial number on the certificate/card.


Palladium BarsPalladium Ten-Ounce Bars:

Pamp Suisse Palladium bars come refinery-sealed in a plastic card with certified assay notice and serial number on the certificate/card.

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Gold Bullion Bars
One troy ounce (31.1 grams) gold bars provide a standard sized, cost-effective choice in 99.99% pure gold bullion
Gold Bars
Hundred Gram Gold Bars
Hundred Gram Gold Bars

100-Gram Gold Bars

The “Fortuna” 100-gram Pamp Suisse bar.

A popular size the world over, in 99.99% pure gold with numbered assay certificate holder

Ten Ounce Gold Bars

10-Ounce Gold Bars:

Pamp Suisse 99.99% pure gold bars.

An attractive bar, die struck and featuring the beautiful Fortuna portrait.

Pamp Suisse Kilogram Gold Bar

Kilogram Gold Bars:

Kilogram 99.99% pure Pamp Suisse bars - Our lowest premium gold bullion item.

One of the world's most popular size gold bars for large gold purchases is the kilogram (1,000 gram, or about 32.15 troy ounces).

We now stock 24-karat Kilo gold bars from the Pamp Suisse company, one of the world's largest gold refiners and a registered London good delivery firm. Each bar is poured of 99.99% pure gold, and is serial-numbered with a matching assay certificate.

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